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    A Farmhouse in the Rain is a novel of war and peace, crime and punishment, love and loss, and eventually hope. It's a saga of three American soldiers and the women they love - before, during, and after World War II. During the war, the three are given shelter by a French woman. The next morning she is found dead and the trio realize they were the only ones in the house. While the three survive the war, the questions remain: Who will survive the peace? Who will unite with the love they left behind? And who will be unmasked as the murderer on that fateful night at A Farmhouse in the Rain.


    "Kilgore has penned a well-written book with an almost Shakespearian feel to it. Filled with suspense, sacrifice, and subplots that interlock smoothly, the author's dark chronicle of lives bound together by fate is a solid addition to the World War II thriller genre."

    --The US Review"With a sophisticated storyline and characters that bring it to life, A Farmhouse In The Rain is a well-mapped, well-managed mystery....Kilgore is as comfortable penning scenes of the grim realities of combat as of the the tenderness of long awaited love...At every moment in this romance and action laden mystery, you know that capable hands are at the wheel..." --Pacific Book Review

    About the Author

    Joe Kilgore is the author of over twenty short stories and three novels. In addition, Joe also reviews books professionally. Before turning to fiction, he had a long and successful career with international advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather. Joe lives and writes in Austin, Texas.