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    Espionage, murder, romance, and mystery intertwine Quality Engineer Susan Fletcher with perils at every corner during her exploits into the NASA culture researching a real payload flown on the Space Shuttle four times. She goes out for a sailboat ride and ends up finding the love of her life. This action pack novel will take you throughout The Bahamas into the Kennedy Space Center and into Space with the prominent NASA biomedical Ph.D., Dalton Masters creator of Micro Encapsulation Crystallization System (MECS) along Susan’s side. Enjoy suspense on each page and learn about the Aerospace culture. Explore the NASA environment where most civilians have never been. This is a fiction romance novel based on true events.

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    The Space Shuttle flight STS-95 where John Glenn performed the MECS experiment which this story is based. It took me eight years to write this book but it was all written in my brain before I put it on paper written on notepads. I never had to go back to remember what I had written. I never knew how to end it but the end came in a dream. It is a good read with lots of suspense.

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    Renne Siewers Bio Sketch Renne and her husband Jon moved off their sailboat with her puppy Bear. She now has more time to write her Nighty Night Sailboat series for her granddaughter, Juni, since she has never been on their sailboat. The book brings the sailboat to her. Nighty Night Sailboat Children Series, 2012 -Nighty Night Sailboat -Nighty Night Sailboat Goes to Spain -Santa finds Nighty Night Sailboat -Nighty Night Sailboat in the Bahamas -Nighty Night Sailboat Celebrates a Key West Birthday - Nighty Night Sailboat Searches for Pirates - Nighty Night Sailboat Crew for Sailing Angels - Nighty Night Sailboat Meets an Astronaut Renne has written these poems throughout her life. She began writing poems when she in the 4th grade. It was a way to express her happiness and sorrow. Sensuous Poems Through Time 11/2012. Renne began writing the espionage, romance, murder, and mystery aerospace series to share her experience as an internal auditor for the Space Station Freedom, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station. Keep Aerospace Alive. He who owns space, owns the world. AEROSPACE: The Last Payload,, Volume 1, Aerospace Espionage Murder Mystery June 2008. Rewritten and published again in October 2014. AEROSPACE: The King's Payload, Volume 2, Sept 2014 Renne began writing this emotional packed stories about women who decide to move on from a bad relationship. It tells their stories to Julia, who listens to their stories. This book is a MUST for women to know they are not alone and teenagers to know what to look for in a relationship. Moving On...NEXT, September 2014 Renne' was selected to write this procedure to assist the Air Force to improve their processes. Co-authored, U.S. Air Force Software Quality Assurance Publication, Hills Air Force Base, Computer Resources Support Improvement Program (CRSIP), Revision 0.2, April 6, 2000. Renne wrote these articles about true events in her life to share her experiences. Magazine Articles -Seaborne Women Cadets at the Helm, Mariners Log periodical, November 2000. -The Almost Harvest Moon Regatta, Telltales magazine, September 2003. Sailing, Cruising and Writing, Telltales magazine, February 2013 This article was written by Renne' and published by Heidi Van Horne In-Motion, about her grandfather car that was fully restored by her father, Bill Fletcher. It won runner up in a national contest Concours d Elegance in 2009. -PaPa's Car, Houston Chronicle, In-Motion, 2009