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    Allison Catsworth discovers she has a problem…

    While falling to her death she sees not her life flash before her eyes but her reflection. A moment of fear brings about transformation into a cat that enables her to land on all four paws, which saves her life.

    Yet it is in that moment, that everything for Ally changes. A search for answers leads to hypnotic life regression, where she discovers past lives of a lab assistant connected to World War II and feline DNA that is changing her own DNA.

    While dodging the press and various cults she starts ticking down her ‘nine lives’ in hopes of finding the answers and the solutions to this mystery before her time is up.

    Short Excerpt:

    This night would have to be about the hunt for food, which was fast becoming a necessity. Starvation was beginning to set in, and she knew she wouldn’t have the strength to go much further if she didn’t find something to eat soon. As her stomach grumbled and she heard the sounds of its upset so vividly, she still couldn’t believe it was her own stomach. Everything was foreign to her. As she padded down the sidewalk, she spotted her reflection in a darkened store window and stopped to look at herself. She looked pathetic. Her eyes were tired, her face drooped down, her hair was all matted; she was ashamed of herself. But most of her shame was contributed to her new look; a scary face looked back at her in the reflection and it made her shiver. This face was harder for her to accept than anything else in her life right now. When she looked at herself, her body, she wanted to vomit. When she looked at her face she wanted to claw her eyes out. When she looked at her face, she saw that of a feline and that was definitely not what she was supposed to see.

    You see, she wasn’t always a cat. Just a few short weeks ago she had a name, Miss Goldie, and she had a career as a scientist’s lab assistant. She was a human woman who had lived a human life of science.