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    Thrust into the middle of Civil War battle, with both Union and Rebel protagonists and antagonists, Asunder, the first in the Trilogy, is a story of love and loss and of families torn apart. Thoroughly researched, the novel presents numerous complex, memorable characters struggling against incredible odds in an epic spanning from Texas to New

    The story begins in frigid February, long after the battle. Cyntha Favor, an abolitionist and ardent believer in Spiritualism, searches the battlefield in hopes of finding her husband's grave. Having received erroneous reports of his death, she hopes to free his tormented soul. During the Civil War, it is estimated that at least one-fifth of the population wholeheartedly believed in Spiritualism.

    Sara Reeder, initially naive and an ardent supporter of the Southern cause, is thrust into the battle maelstrom. An excellent horse-woman, she rides to warn the army of a surprise attack, but is too late. With battle all around, she aids wounded Union soldiers, and her zeal for the war changes forever. In early 1861, both armies wore an assortment of uniforms. The Union had not adopted the standard blue uniform. Cyntha's husband, a Union soldier, Iowa Grays volunteer, Joseph Favor, is found unconscious by Sara.

    Nursed to health by Sara and her father, Lucas, he awakens with no memory, unable to recall even the battle. The Reeders perceive him to be a Confederate. Dred Workman, a conniving Iowan comrade and deserter to the Rebels, falsely identifies Joseph as a Cavalryman in the Third Texas.


    I am a history buff with a particular taste for beautifully written literature. Asunder was an excellent fit for me. It is a story centered around the August 1861 Battle of Wilson's Creek, the first major encounter on the Western front of the Civil War. We are treated to an accurately detailed, incredibly well-researched dramatization with a very human face, centering on Private Joseph Favor of the Union, his wife, and the Reeder family who farms the land that becomes a battlefield.

    Mr. Locklear has a particular talent for stringing words together, which makes for very lovely prose. And his word pictures are exquisite. As a researcher myself, I also enjoyed the detail used in creating this historical world--especially during the heavy battle scenes. Extremely engaging. Overall, a very rewarding read.

    Michelle Isenhoff Best-Selling Author

    From the Inside Flap

    "I'M TRAPPED!" Sara Reeder, a headstrong, beguiling, Southern sympathizer is caught between charging armies!

    "AWAKEN, SPIRITS"... "Tell me where my husband, Joseph, fell in battle." Cyntha Favor, an ardent abolitionist and believer in Spiritualism, seeks to free her dead husband's tormented soul.

    EXCEPT... Joseph, a Union soldier, is not dead! Knocked unconscious in battle, he has lost all memory. Nursed to health by Sara and her father, Lucas, a disabled veteran, Joseph feels drawn to Sara, yet compelled to find his past.

    WAR SURROUNDS the Reeder home. Transformed into a field hospital, their only support is Dred Workman, a Union traitor.

    FORMER SLAVE, Josiah Reynolds, is protector and confidant of Cyntha. Deep in slave territory, he knows the danger he faces.

    MARAUDERS terrorize, kill and move ever closer to the Reeders' farm.

    from Texas to New York, Missouri to Minnesota, the WAR rages. Can love triumph? Who will survive? ASUNDER is a GRIPPING EPIC.