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    A rescuer translated in today's vernacular would be equivalent to the term super hero. For some it may be hard to see Jesus as a super hero in tights with a banner on his chest flying through the air like Superman. Especially when you've been struggling most of your life with the consequences of child abuse, and now you're all grown up and still carrying around that baggage. Beloved, know that God did not forsake you. He has a rescue plan tailor-made just for you. He's been waiting all these years for you to answer the closet door of your wounded heart. Remember the closet? That place where you have stored all the things you don't want anyone else to know about ... Beyond the Closet Door helps you find the courage and strength to get up off the closet floor of oppression, answer the door of deliverance and run into the waiting arms of your super hero, Jesus Christ. In his rescuing arms you will find the fulfillment of his promise for comfort, healing, forgiveness and everlasting hope.