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Stolen Options
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Synopsis: This is the story of how Mae Edwards survived, by faith, the constant moving from one foster home to another, being a plumber in the Air Force, surviving an abusive husband, cancer and beyond. Upon surviving some of the toughest years in an unhealthy marriage, Mae later got remarried, this time to her high school sweetheart. Her story continues with their hikes, motorcycling and four wheeling in Colorado and Wyoming. ...

Texas Tales, Stories That Shaped a Landscape and a People
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These tales trace the Texas story, from Cabeza de Vaca who trekked barefoot across the country recording the first accounts of Indian life, to impresarios like Stephen F. Austin and Don Martín DeLeon who brought settlers into Mexican Texas. There are visionaries like Padre Jose Nicolas Balli, the Singer family, and Sam Robertson, who tried and failed to develop Padre Island into the wonderland that it is today. There are legendary characters like Sally Skull who had five husbands and may have...

The Little Town with the Big Heart (Volume 2)
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Synopsis People are often surprised when they learn of the worldwide adventures of Michael J. Hawron—not just because of the extent of his travels or the remarkable experiences he’s had, but because he’s made a life with his family in the small town of New Boston, Texas. Putting down roots in a town thousands of miles away from the people you know can be as harrowing as immigrating to an entirely new country, but the right house, in the right town, with the right people can make all the...