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    So they do not like the new you because you are no longer willing to rescue, fix or be controlled. You do not want to go back to the way things were before. The questions are, "What might you expect?" and "How do you respond, with grace?" Building on her personal experience and fifteen years as a prayer ministry facilitator who has impacted thousands of lives, Annette offers trustworthy answers. A gem of a book. Helpful, honest, filled with hope and wisdom. You can heal--Built with Stones of Turquoise will show you how. Jane Rubietta, international speaker, author of 19 books, including Finding Your Way: From Pain to Purpose and Worry Less So You Can Live More Annette writes with powerful stories and vivid imagery to illustrate truth after truth. This book presents a crystal clear portrait of the living, loving God scripture confirms. There are so many life-changing realities in this book that it is hard to single out one. Annette shares a pivotal belief for those struggling to know if they are hearing from God by identifying the stumbling block as "our not being convinced of God's character." In my thirty-nine years as a pastor, I observed this inner conflict, over and over. Jack Rothenflue, Director, Commission To Every Nation, International Mission Co-Op serving 56 countries. I absolutely love this book! It has been such a beautiful reminder of truth; we are not alone on the journey of healing! I loved the times of meditation on scripture and the questions she posed for us to ask God; expecting answers. Annette has deep insight into the thoughts and emotions felt during the healing process, and has brought God's truth to light in each chapter. The quiet moments have been some of the sweetest times with my Savior in a long time. I could truly picture Him building me with precious stones! Elizabeth Leftwich, Pastor's wife, Women's Ministry Leader"