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Duney is written for children ages 7 and younger and the parents, grandparents and other loved ones who read to them. It is a wonderful adaptation of the age-old Biblical table of David and Goliath and opens the door for discussions on self-confidence and faith in the face of great obstacles. It is also an excellent book for schools, day cares and Sunday Schools. It is a simple, inviting story, and is widely available in print and e-book for easy access.

The Contract: Between Heaven and Earth
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AMAZON INTERNATIONAL #1 BESTSELLER and #1 NEW RELEASE The earth is threatened with a catastrophic political event which could result in international warfare and destroy all life on the planet. In heaven, a divine council decides that extraordinary measures are essential. They call for an intervention that involves two souls returning to earth. The chosen two sign a contract that they will work to avert the disaster. Brad Channing, a Navy SEAL, and Sarah O'Brien, a teacher, become heaven's...

The Sheldra Series: An Unknown Love
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(The Sheldra Series-Book One) (Volume 1)Sheldra Griffing is a woman on a mission. She considers herself an 8 when it comes to looks, education, and responsibility. She does her best at whatever task is given to her. She is a business woman, a mother, and a daughter. Sheldra loves the Lord and does her best to abide by His Word. So what is Sheldra’s problem? The only thing Sheldra has issues with is MEN. Her first issue is that she desires to be married but has no prospects. She often wonders...

Spirituality in the 21st Century
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Spirituality in the 21st Century offers insight into the divine, the world, and life. It presents a frank assessment of spirituality as it exists today. The concepts put forth in this book are so revolutionary they defy common knowledge. It is up to the reader to decide whether they represent truth or fiction. If you read it though, you might view spirituality—and the world—in a better light. There are no parables, dogma, or metaphors here—just straight talk. Inside find a down-to-earth...