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    Dandy Lion: A Legend of Love & Loss is a Christian-based story that follows a young lion named Dandy throughout the course of his life.

    Wanting nothing more than to be accepted and loved by his pride, Dandy instead is the recipient of laughter and ridicule when his long sought after mane grows in and is anything but normal. White thick fur, frayed at the ends his head looks more like a white fluffy dandelion flower than a lions mane.

    However, this does not deter Dandy from helping those in need or touching the lives of others, solving problems and helping the sick. After he saves three lion cubs from a stampede his father tells him how proud he is of him which starts a life long journey towards doing good.

    Yet, throughout his life, his best friend Doti begins to notice how after each life he touches a wisp of his frayed hair is whisked away by the wind. By the end of his life he is completely bald but he is able to look down at the valley of those he left behind, those lives he helped save, and what he sees is a field of vibrant yellow dandelion flowers blooming as brilliantly as the sun.

    Each chapter ending with scripture, this story will fill your soul with hope and ambition and help you to live your life in a loving Christian way.