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    FINALIST for Writer's League of Texas Violet Crown Award

    "Baker has crafted a refreshingly straightforward whodunit. Multiple sleuths on parallel tracks, one breezy, one brassy, add spice.” Kirkus Reviews (Kirkus Review 20050201)

    "...This entertaining legal thriller grips the reader..." I Love A Mystery Newsletter.

    Criminal defense attorney Sandra Salinsky is hired to defend the killer of plaintiffs' attorney Phillip Parker. Salinsky and her mother, Erma Townley, not only are law partners but often sparing partners. Since the decedent was Salinsky's mother's best friend, the case becomes more complicated than it first appears.

    Although the defendant claims she's innocent, Sandra soon learns that she had millions of reasons to kill Parker, and not all of them were about money. To make matters worse, Edgar Saul, the prosecutor from hell, is assigned to the case. Sandra and Erma put their heads together to try to figure out who really killed Parker, but it seems everyone has a different story of the events on the night of the murder.

    One thing is certain, someone stole the victim's watch and ring, which could turn a murder into a capital murder, a death penalty offense. Sandra has to find the real killer before her client is indicted and put to trial for capital murder. Before the case is over, Sandra risks everything to solve a crime that leads into the very pillars of Galveston society and puts herself in danger to capture a killer who will take no chances in making her the next victim.

    From the Author

    I was inspired to write this book when an arrogant attorney was trying a long-convoluted case in the courtroom across the hall from mine. His sense of entitlement preceded him wherever he went. During his trial, he behaved badly, was obnoxious and out of bounds, and publicly humiliated his associates. The judge in that court did little to try to curb his behavior. I often thought that one of these days, someone might knock him off. I did it in a novel.As far as the primary and secondary protagonists, when I aspired to attend law school, my father was not yet on the bench. I dreamed of the day we could practice law together but that was not to be. I often wondered what it would have been like. With my imagination being what it is, I then got the idea for mother and daughter criminal defense lawyers.