Award Winning Author

Deborah Chelette-Wilson, an accomplished professional trauma counselor, life and parent coach, author, artist, and speaker lives in North East Texas with her husband of 38 years.

As a stress and trauma specialist she is passionate about helping people live healthier lives in mind, body and soul by transforming stress and trauma into triumph so they create the life they choose to live.

She has written and published 17 books and over 100 articles. Her novel Sanctuary Found, an inspirational story of a woman who survived domestic violence, won the 2017 1st Place in Women’s Fiction from the Texas Association of Authors.

She was pleased that her book Your Brain and Heart Want to Talk to You, designed to educate counselors, parents and educators of children on the impact of trauma on the development of children and their behavior won the 2018 Texas Association of Authors award in education.

She is presently working on two novels, a book of counselor wisdom sayings, and Three Pillars of Self-Care which will be a group coaching program for Women.

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Sanctuary Found
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Running from her past Kat settles into a small rural town hoping for a better life. But, by the wooded lake the demon voices return. Meanwhile, the quiet peaceful town is rocked by a murder. While Kat struggles to survive the demon voices the townsfolk struggle with who could have killed Miss Lucy the favorite reading volunteer. Surely the two are not connected; or are they?

Your Brain & Heart Want To Talk To You
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The 2018 Texas Authors Association 1st place award for Education. A book to be read to children by counselors, parents, and educators. It is designed to introduce adults and children in a fun way with puppets representing parts of the brain and heart. The characters explain what they do and how they work together. The heart offers a technique to help children learn how to shift from stress to calm.