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    This book will shake America up and will break down walls that have kept us in the dark. It will help you understand the dynamics of a healthy mouth and body. Dr. Hofmann exposes serious problems in our dental care and health care systems while giving alternative solutions that will protect and save lives.. Dentistry Xposed: Protecting You, Your Smile & Your Wallet will rescue you and maybe someone you love. The Pathway to Good Health and Awareness begins with the Mouth.

    When you read the summary you will understand how important this book is to the general public’s welfare. This is not an attack on dentistry nor any institution. It does, however, point out in a very diplomatic way some weaknesses in all levels from the government down. The main objective of the book is to educate the public and forewarn them of the many pitfalls along the way to good health. For instance, many books sold are promoting Apple Cider Vinegar as a cure-all without warning the public of certain dangers. These dangers included rampant tooth decay.

    Why risk tooth decay, periodontal disease, Strep throat and colon cancer when there is a simple food-medicine that will prevent and protect your body. This miracle molecule is actually produced and stored in your cells. It is good to the taste and sixty years of research shows that it also helps prevent or stop nasal congestion and middle ear infections. Do you know what it is? Most likely not since few doctors and media people that doctor Hofmann spoke to knew anything about it! Yet it is well known in Europe and Asia where research of all kinds has been going on for over 60 years. This includes evidence that it can prevent colon cancer, tooth decay and the flu, and heal chronic sinusitis, middle ear infections, and chronic wounds.

    There are other important facts that the public does not know: For instance, according to a study at Duke University, a single packet of Splenda can destroy up to HALF of the probiotics in your gut. Other studies and things to note – variety is not always the best idea at least not according to Dr. Steven Gundry who points out that cashews and peanuts are lectins that cause leaky gut. Most popular variety nut purchases usually contain more of those two than any other. Other lectins and products that cause leaky gut include tomatoes, corn, poorly cooked beans, NSAIDs like ibyprophen and the overuse of antibiotics. This and other extrinsic connections to mouth health and diet point to the importance of mouth health – all of which is in my new book : Dentistry Xposed: Protecting You, Your Smile and Your Wallet.

    What else does DENTISTRY Xposed reveal? Dr. Peter Hofmann designed this book to get your attention. He believes the public has been left behind when it comes to understanding sound health care principles. We are often confused by conflicting data, pharmaceutical jargon and media hype. The book will clarify information in order to motivate you to break old habits and find healthy approaches to preventive care. It will introduce you to amazing new products which will transform the way you care for your mouth and body. Good habits and awareness will save you money, your smile, and your life! That smile may eventually achieve your dreams, as Louis Armstrong so beautifully sang, “When You’re Smiling the Whole World Smiles with You.”

    “Silver Diamine Fluoride is another treatment that has had great success overseas. SDF has been effectively used in countries like Australia for over 5 years to defeat decay in children, but we only recently started research here to allow for its approval by the FDA. Bolivia and other 3rd world countries have been using it on their children for over 3 years. Yet few people here are familiar with this tooth-decay-removing chemical that can work without the use of the dreaded needle and drill.”

    “Again, you should be asking why we have not heard about the benefits of chewing xylitol gum and mints, or spraying the nose with a xylitol mist? For some reason “Corporate America” does not use xylitol in major brands of toothpaste and mouth rinse and therefore does little research on it. In preparing for this book not a single doctor that Dr. Hofmann conversed with knew anything about the power of this 5-Carbon sugar. This may be explained by the fact that the nurses are more involved in the day to day care of patients whereas doctors acting as overseers can be too distracted to learn from them.

    Dr. Hofmann is not surprised by this failure since he made the mistake years ago of buying some spray which he then left unused and unsold in his cabinet. The logic of using sugar to heal problems caused by sugar does not register easily in one’s mind. He now labels xylitol a ‘miracle molecule’ and uses it on a regular basis as a mint, chewing gum, and spray. And even though it is chemically a sugar, the retail industry sells it as being “sugar-free.” The easiest and cheapest way to buy it is online. “I have purchased it from many companies but the best is Vitacost,” states Dr. Hofmann. I take one mint after every meal and either chew xylitol gum or take another mint before bedtime and right after I get up in the morning.” The idea is to stabalize the acids in the mouth and elsewhere and inactivate the bad bacteria.

    What is amazing is the way it stimulates the flow of liquids: saliva in the mouth, the dilution of phlegm in the nasal passages, and even the softening of stools in the colon. Research is now showing it decreases the concentration of salts in the airway surface fluids that affect people suffering from cystic fibrosis. Not only does it protect you from tooth decay but it also works all way down to the colon providing protection and comfort. You and I were never told this.

    “This is one more reason why the book is called “Dentistry Xposed.” The more we are exposed to good teaching and the good results that follow, the quicker we will adapt our lifestyles to safe and healthy habits. Otherwise chronic conditions such as periodontal disease and leaky gut can set in which can affect many organs of the body as explained below.

    A Key Part of the Book revolves around the 3 major causes of death that are directly related to the mouth.

    “Just because you do not have pain, it doesn’t mean you do not have a serious problem! Serious periodontal disease and other mouth infections often do not cause any pain, yet they can grow colonies of very bad bacteria producing enzymes which destroy bone and soft tissue. These enzymes can move into your blood stream and weaken your heart and other organs.….”

    “It is easy for individuals to be misinformed with all the false information flooding the marketplace. We place a lot of trust in our government, media, education, our own perceptions, and what we learned growing up. Any or all of these could be wrong at any given time in our lives. And remember just because it is printed in your favorite magazine or proclaimed on television does not make it true nor good to use in your mouth or body. “

    “The second serious problem related to the mouth and common to our pressurized society is Obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. As you sleep the airway collapses, blocking airflow. The person awakens over-and-over again gasping for air. In the process the body releases adrenaline which over time can raise the blood pressure. Eventually it can weaken many organs in the body including the heart. An estimated 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea and 80% of the moderate-to-severe cases will go undiagnosed.”

    “The third life-threatening problem related to the mouth is the inhalation of bacteria infested plaque that collects around teeth in the elderly, weak, or bedridden patient. These patients are often unable to keep their molars clean and can easily enhale pneumonia causing bacteria in the plaque. Therefore, some dentists advise removing the back molars. One good idea is to provide caregivers a specially designed toothbrush with 3 interconnected brush heads to clean every surface at once……. switch to non-sucrose candies such as xylitol mints- which will help cultivate a good saliva. If they will not do it, you can supply them.”

    “Sleep disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea, OSA, create cycles of tiredness leading to more and more stress and aggravating insomniac tendencies. Shortness of breath and interrupted breathing will happen right at the point when a person is about to fall asleep. The brain races and the mind short circuits all attempts to sleep. The next step downward is ‘SLEEP DEPRIVATION.’ The individual is now becoming more unfocused and unproductive and unable to feel normal. They may feel like they are sleeping and may even convince themselves that everything is ok, because they cannot remember well, have a lot of adrenaline flow, and are over compensating. This overcompensation may be in the form of euphoria coming from the use of medications, alcohol, excessive snacking, caffeine, or sex. All of these will fail and leave the person in a greater state of deprivation.”

    As past head of Dallas Dental Societies Emergency Dental committee, Dr. Hofmann was exposed to the dark side of the opioid market. Opioids are now the #1 Rx in America. He therefore has dedicated a chapter in the book to Opioids, Vaping, and E-Cigs. I hope that you found this summary informative and necessary for your reading audience.

    Amazingly xylitol also seems to decrease ocular pressure preventing glaucoma. Research indicates it might helps heal chronic wounds and helps in the war against cancer since it inactivates cancer causing Candida Albicans. Xylitol is the perfect travel companion for it protects from mouth-to-gut neutralizing both bad bacteria and acids while acting as both a prebiotic and laxative. It helps your mouth when you cannot use a toothbrush”



    Finding Health

    Understand that your Good Health begins with the mouth and what happens there affects your whole body and quality of life. The mouth is your signature organ which can play out with a smile, kiss, or a beautiful sound. It serves to warn us of stress, immune responses, diseases and vitamin deficiencies. Your mouth and smile can help you achieve your dreams. As Louis Armstrong so beautifully sang, “When You're Smiling the Whole World Smiles withYou.”

    With forty-three years of experience as an urban and wilderness dentist, author and inventor Dr. Hofmann is committed to helping you. Some answers will be as simple as having a high spot on a tooth adjusted, using a simple and safe spray to stop a dry hacking cough, or drinking the table water at your meal to rinse away food debris. He will inform you about many amazing products including a “wonder molecule” that prevents tooth decay and protects the mucosal linings from head to colon, or a new discovery that destroys tooth decay without a needle or drill. His observations will save you money, your health and your smile.

    This information is for everyone including those who have little or no understanding of their mouth. For example, a handicapped patient found it convenient to go to a dentist within walking distance of his apartment. He was told he needed very expensive periodontal (gum surgery with a series of deep cleanings. In a state of panic, he made an appointment to see Dr. Hofmann. Over many years the patient had eroded his teeth by over-brushing. Although his x- rays showed large ghost-like spots in those areas, this type of tooth erosion is not a disease and does not require surgery nor a deep cleaning! The deep cleaning or surgery would have harmed his pink healthy gum tissue. He was extremely grateful to hear the truth and thus save thousands of dollars.

    At key points in this book, Dr. Hofmann will present a question or issue without providing direct answers. This should inspire you to think so you can come to your own conclusion while avoiding libelous judgments. Eventually logic and common-sense will shape a good answer. An example is the historical evidence that shows “manufactured disease” in the mouth. Over 500 drugs

    and medications produced by pharmaceutical and retail companies can cause dry mouth which can initiate or aggravate diseases connected to two of the deadliest causes of death: heart disease and pneumonia. Knowing how to counter this will save and prolong lives.

    Scientific data may change over time and may be contested by research done within certain companies or interest groups. Dr. Hofmann leaves the logical conclusions up to you and hopes you are both informed and entertained. Do not try to self-diagnose and treat any serious condition on your own. If some words or terms are difficult, go to Chapter 12 which is dedicated to explaining technical words. This knowledge will help you research any topic in more depth.

    The information presented will save you both time and money. It may also rescue a life. Just observing how a person breathes may end up saving them! A nasal sound is evidence of potential sleep apnea which if untreated can lead to a heart attack. The alarm also needs to be sounded concerning many dangers related to serious gum or periodontal disease and its relationship to heart disease, pancreatic cancer, and gram-negative pneumonia.

    This book will address many of the myths, misconceptions, and serious deceptions on the trail to the truth. Anecdotal accounts and important data will help you and those you love to avoid major pitfalls along the way to good health. In order to insure a balanced and honest viewpoint, Dr. Hofmann has not accepted money from any company. However, he will share information on certain products that have proven themselves in preventing or healing disease.

    One pitfall that will surprise readers is the Apple Cider Vinegar craze which promotes itself as a cure-all for dieting and healing for everything from acid reflux to respiratory issues. A recent promotion claimed “1000 tried-and-true remedies” which will heal you. The promoters fail to mention when you habitually sip a diluted vinegar-acid it can cause major tooth decay. As you make many important choices remember those “natural home remedies” often do not list critical contraindications or warnings.

    Our lives are already too full of cravings and desires which have stoked addictions and other bad choices. These include smoking, e-cigs, vaping, marijuana, opioids and the ever-growing sugar and snack food habits, all of which are increasing in the youth. Hopefully this book will help you overcome those pitfalls so that you can move forward to experience relief and healing. Your life should be a measure of not just time, but of wise choices and a

    transformation that will allow you to become healthier and a better person.

    Dentistry is committed to preventive care and to treating pain with the least amount of discomfort. If preventive dentistry has not been a big part of your dental health, this book will be of special importance, as it shows you concepts which will improve your technique. If you had a painful experience going to the dentist, information revealed will give you renewed confidence. And note, most dentists are honest and hardworking, very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you deal with fear or pain in a comfortable way. Dr. Hofmann desires to improve dentistry throughout the world by educating and forewarning the reader about conditions and issues few have known about or understood.

    He intends to be an advocate for those who cannot afford the cost of treatment in the modern dental office and believes the information in this book can change the lives of many who read it. For instance, there are many simple and effective ways to prevent and control both tooth decay and gum disease that most people do not know about. Much of this information is not being shared.

    Many people, including doctors, do not know that there is a simple food medicine that inactivates bad bacteria in the mouth, ears, nose, throat and gut! It will prevent tooth decay and can cure sinusitis, an earache or a hacking cough as it did for Dr. Hofmann. Chapters such as “WOW 2 WHOA,” “WOW, I Did Not Know That,” and “Myth Busting,” reveals stunning information that will help you make decisions which will positively affect your health and wallet.

    As you read on, each chapter will have special ALERTS to point you to important data or observations. They will be accented with statements like, “it may surprise you to know.” For instance, it may surprise you to know that using two toothbrushes to allow each to dry out will help prevent bacterial recontamination.

    Did you know teeth comprise only 20% of the mouth? The other 80% is soft tissue, tongue and mucosa, all of which are moistened by an important saliva people take for granted? Knowing the value of your saliva should motivate you to take steps to nurture and preserve it. Evidence shows that dry mouth weakens saliva and will lead to tooth decay and gum disease that can then hurt heart vessels. Drugs that affect saliva include ibuprofen, antihistamines, opioids, and diuretics. Habits such as smoking or consuming soft drinks will also have a bad impact on saliva. Everyone has a certain level of habit or addiction that affects their health. This book will make it clear why and how they are harmful

    There are other forces in your mouth which can sabotage both your health and your wallet. For instance, when you put off seeing a dentist after a crown falls off, natural shifting will occur in surrounding teeth which can cost you hundreds of dollars to correct. Your restoration will no longer fit, and a new crown may have to be made. As you continue reading take notes and if the book does not save you money you can have your money back.

    This book is unique in that it is designed to equip you to be able to talk to your dentist concerning your oral health care needs. Therefore, share it with your family, friends, strangers, and of course your dentist. Each chapter has powerful information that will inform even the highly educated. We have all been brainwashed to some extent by the sugar industry, media ads, and our personal exposure to medicine and dentistry. Keep your mind open. Dr. Hofmann thanks you for reading this book and his patients for sharing their strengths and fears with him. This has opened his mind and heart to new concepts and to their needs.