I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Texas with my parents and two older brothers when I was about two-years old. Our family grew, and in the end, I had five brothers! It was a blast to have two older brothers and three younger ones. Our home was never dull.

Discovering the excitement of storytelling

I had several teachers that had would have our class makeup group stories. None of us students knew how the story was going to turn out with all the twists and turns swirling from our imaginations. It was a great technique to inspire creative writing.

The stage

It wasn’t until I discovered the stage in 4th grade, which I knew I wanted to learn every form of storytelling: acting, singing, and the power of words.


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(Harry the Camel) (Arabic Edition)
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2020 Best Children's Book - Translation في دبي، ويشاهد غالبًا من بعيد خيل السباق الملساء بشكلها الجميل وهي تركض في مضمار السباق. ويشعر بالأسف لأن ظهره ليس مستويًا مثل ظهورها ويتساءل عن مدى السرعة التي يمكن أن يركض بها دون سنامه الضخم القديم. وبينما يحلم بالاحتمالات، يتجول طائر الزقزاق ويضايقه بشأن سنامه، مما جعله يشعر بالسوء أكثر من مظهره. وأثناء عودته إلى المنزل وهو حزين، يقابل فتى يسمى عمر. ويعلم هاري أن عمر تائهًا. فمن أفضل من الجمل ليوجه فتىً تائهًا في الصحراء؟ وفي النهاية، يكتشف هاري أنه...

Harry the Camel
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SynopsisHARRY THE CAMEL will surely pull on the heart strings of readers as he pines for a life he can never have. Harry lives in the sand dunes of Dubai, and he often watches from a distance as the beautifully sleek race horses at the track run their laps. He laments that his back isn’t as smooth as theirs and wonders how much faster he could run without his bulky old hump. As he dreams of the possibilities, Dover the bird swoops in and teases him about his hump, making him feel even worse...

The Little Girl in the Moon
Price: $16.29
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SynopsisAn inquisitive little girl who lives on the moon wonders if earth children know about ‘moonlings’. Her mom asks her if they did, what she would want the earth children to know about her life on the moon. The little girl shares her thoughts on how she’s ‘just like them’ and with each illustration you see the connection of the earth and the moon. Creative depictions of each phase of the moon reveal a bit more of the little girl until eager readers finally see her bright smiling,...

The Little Girl in the Moon - Moxie & Tycho Town
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SynopsisThe Little Girl in the Moon author, Diann Floyd Boehm, has teamed up with her daughter, Katherine Louise, in the third book in the series, The Little Girl in the Moon - Moxie & Tycho Town. Together, they have created the imaginary town nestled in Tycho Crater, which is located on the Earth's moon. Katherine and Diann's collaborative artistic talents have brought the town to life. The colorful illustrations are sure to spark young readers' imaginations. Moxie, the little girl in the...

The Little Girl in the Moon: The Big Idea
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SynopsisEvery night the little girl in the moon watches the earth from afar just like the earthlings gaze at the moon and wish upon the stars. One night she sees so many wishes not quite reaching the stars and she tells her mommy how it worries her. She wants, with all her heart, to help the wishes get to the stars so they will come true. Her mommy whispers a secret to her that sparks the little girl’s imagination. Before long the Little Girl in the Moon gets a ‘Big Idea’ and she and her...