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    Now in a single volume – THE DRAGONLORD TRILOGY!


    From the historical texts of the

    Dasodraksion, 155 A.S.

    After many centuries of fighting, the Ubicanan Clan was firmly allied with wild men of the north. The red-eyed dragons lusted for power, and sought to take it away from the ruling Diamandian Clan, whose affinity with Wisdom had kept them over dragonkind for millennia.

    The Ubicanan Clan’s affinity with Blood allowed them to conspire with dark sorcerers of human origin. Together, they created a spell to curse all other dragon clans. When it was complete, a plague was sent forth. At first, little occurred, and dragon sages hoped that the sorcery of humans would prove too weak. But they forgot about Ubicanan’s contribution through their power over Blood and the patience that came with living such long lives.

    Thus, over time, females sickened and began to die. Worse, dragonelles never hatched, their eggs cold and hard. All clans, save the Ubicanan, grew smaller.

    But the wild men of the north were far more cunning than their Ubicanan allies believed. They, too, conspired with the dark sorcerers, who claimed allegiance to none save themselves. A second plague was sent forth, this one only to the ruby-eyed dragons. Though their females lived strong and healthy, their eggs became weak, thin, and soft. Fewer than one in twenty survived. And of the hatchlings born – an equal number dragonets and dragonelles – nearly all of them sickened and died.

    For the Ubicanan, it was the ultimate torture, for unlike the rest of the dragon clans, they were able to see the faces of their beloved hatchlings alive with pain, their bodies withered and weak. So in time, as with the rest of dragonkind, the numbers of the Ubicanan slowly diminished as well.

    A thousand years later, clan leaders finally realized that dragonkind was dying out. A council was called amongst all the clans, but the Ubicanan did not dare attend. Their absence was noticed, and they were accused and convicted of bringing about the plague that was killing the rest of dragonkind, for only the females of the Ubicanan Clan were spared the plague. Thus, the dragons of the Blood were declared enemies of all dragons, and ordered slain on sight.

    It was then that the wild men of the North rose up and began their war against dragons. Nearly every clan joined together – Diamandian, Amesthyan, Phirean, Meraldemian, Acamarian, Opallineyan, Tourmalayan, Topazian, and Beramnan - leaving their conflict with the Ubicanan to fight the wild men. Yet the men were no longer as wild, for they had slowly become more sophisticated. They began to build fortresses from which they could fight their dragon battles. In time, killing dragons became the goal of every fighting man. Though many lost their lives, still many succeeded.

    Gradually, unwilling to lose any more lives against the humans, all dragon clans retreated away from the mountains and across the seas. Though the Ubicanan tried to follow, they were still reviled and hunted by both dragons and men until they retreated into the highest, most remote mountains of the north. They became hard and bitter. Their hatred of men grew until they began to eat of the flesh of their enemies, which was an Abomination in the eyes of all other clans.

    And yet, though rare, females were still born. Thus, the Ubicanan clan did not die.

    But the rest of dragonkind was reeling. Many had been lost in their wars, and no dragonets or dragonelles had been born to replace them. Some clans were nearly wiped out, and the Elders came together to see if they could figure out a solution to save dragonkind.

    Eventually, they realized their elemental powers of Fire and Air were insufficient to halt the plague, much less discover a cure. Thus, another council was called, this time open to all races across the land and oceans, for though the wild men had hunted dragons, the rest of the world revered them.

    So they came – dweorgen, haldrene, asenaans, ssissiutls, sythren, wyverns, aquilans, kenturans, and even human wizards. Yet all felt helpless before the plague.

    Until a young dweorgen mage made a discovery that would forever alter the lives of every living being in the world.