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Timeless Tales: Rhymes From the Heart
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In this debut book of poetry by John Alexander, the lilting verses offer inspiration to soothe your weary soul. The poems, born out of a journey through rough times, reach into your soul with rhymes that speak to your heart. The poems, all in rhyme, share the author's journey, including stories to enjoy through the lens of your inner child (keep these for yourself or share with the children in your life), rhymes of blessing, and rhymes that shine into the soul of the author. A rhyme rose...

Words That Soar
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Beginning in the old book store and mounting in tension to the end in the child's room in the wee hours of the morning, the love of words, ideas, and sharing what's inside come alive through the intrigue of this 498-word tale, Words That Soar. A child wants to find an interesting read, but a book presented by an old bookstore owner brings more than expected late that night. The child remembers three special rules from the bookstore owner to make sense of what's encountered upon opening the...