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    Hitch a pleasurable ride on this erotically-charged, thrilling whodunit adventure.

    Investigative Paralegal Daisy Sinclair works closely alongside her beastly beauty of a boyfriend Criminal Defense Investigator Warren Cole to solve a complex murder case when they find themselves defending a dear friend and co-worker. The case has them collaborating with local law enforcement and Commander Brian Schuller, who captivates Daisy with his charm while overseeing the dynamic duo as they go undercover in a notorious outlaw motorcycle club. Daisy quickly realizes the outlaw lifestyle is not what she expects, befriends the club’s President, and becomes drawn to the sexy allure of the bad boy biker image.

    While her job introduces Daisy to the magnetic motorcycle scene, her personal life has her planning her best friend’s wedding as the maid of honor and walking down the aisle with her boyfriend Warren. Even though the thought of marriage freaks Daisy out, she takes her maid of honor role as seriously as she does her Paralegal role and becomes an exceptional wedding assistant to one mother of a Tasmanian monster bride.

    Daisy finds herself in two completely different roles as she juggles both assignments; however, when crime scene evidence leads her to the wedding venue these roles warp her into an Investigative Paralegal Maid of Honor Extraordinaire and no suspect or wedding guest will be crossed off the list until thoroughly cleared.

    By the time the case is solved and the wedding is over, Daisy will have taken one hell of a journey of self-discoverability, social awakening, and personal sacrifices.

    Expect to eagerly jump back on for another wet and wild expedition once the ball and chains have been securely fastened and the end has arrived.

    ***Includes excerpt of Getting Him Off Sweetly (Getting Him Off Series – Book 4)***

    ****Getting Him Off Series****

    Getting Him Off is an erotic thriller series based around murder investigation from a legal defense team’s point of view of proving their clients’ innocence, told through the eyes of Paralegal extraordinaire, Daisy Sinclair. This series is fascinating and entertaining as it follows Daisy through her many exploits; both professional and personal, as she gets herself in and out of trouble during the investigations. Getting Him Off Quickly (Book 1), Getting Him Off Secretly (Book 2), Getting Him Off Completely (Book 3), Getting Him Off Sweetly (Book 4) & Getting Him Off Finally (Book 5) are centered on individual case files and each book ends with the conclusion of the investigation.