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Ali Gator Bytes: Cajun Counselor Wisdom
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After years of hearing from clients and friends say, "Write that down" I did. A book of life lesson one-liners from personal and professional experiences. Some will tickle your funny bone. Others will pull at your heart. Designed to have fun, open your heart and connect to your soulfull self.

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SynopsisThis book will shake America up and will break down walls that have kept us in the dark. It will help you understand the dynamics of a healthy mouth and body. Dr. Hofmann exposes serious problems in our dental care and health care systems while giving alternative solutions that will protect and save lives.. Dentistry Xposed: Protecting You, Your Smile & Your Wallet will rescue you and maybe someone you love. The Pathway to Good Health and Awareness begins with the Mouth. When you read...

Heaven Held
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This book explains what happens when a child dies. The child is immediately surrounded by Angels and resides in the first stage of Heaven called Transition. The child is only there briefly, but must be comforted and accustomed to this newness. The Love and Light are radiant, and the child is filled with awe and wonderment. Heaven Held is a dialogue between the author and her departed son who is a Light Being Guide. The author asks him questions and her son describes the place where he loves to...

In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story
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Synopsis "After a brutal evening trying to network amongst a conference hall of strangers, I wrote an email to my Jennifer: “It zapped my energy just trying to maintain such a façade. I describe myself lately as puny, timid, socially regressive - basically fragile. I’ve never prided myself as a social butterfly. But lately I feel more like a social wallflower, unable to hold even basic conversations let alone to strike up a discussion of any depth. Realizing the depressed tone of my letter and...

Through the Eyes of a Dove
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The tragic, sudden death of their 25-year-old son left the Courtney and Sayre families devastated. Grief-stricken and searching for answers, his parents, siblings, other family members and friends began having experiences that they first passed off as coincidences. However, the more they shared with each other, the more they knew that the journey toward understanding had just begun. Suzanne Gene Courtney chronicles her family's path through the darkness to peace and on to acceptance, in the...

You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING / How To Parent Your Parents
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Synopsis: What would you do if you had to put your life on hold to take care of your parents?