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    Nadine Schitzle of Tarzana, California has discovered a sloth hanging from the eucalyptus tree in her backyard ... and she's convinced the sloth is her husband, Herman.


    From the Author

    "Herman" is a variation of the play published by Samuel French named "The Sloth," a play which has been performed around the world and in community theaters in the United States. "Sloth" began as a review sketch in Hollywood, not produced, then morphed into the play and later a short story called "The Schitzel Connection," published as a short story in the Winter/Spring 2011 Edition of Twit Publishing. The short story also won first place in a writing competition at the Oklahoma City Writers Group a few years ago."Herman" is unique in that it does not relate to any other books or stories I've written. My wife, Jane Manning, suggested I turn the short story into a play. At that time, I didn't see how I could sustain the story-line for three acts. Amazingly, the play developed over time and has been a constant delight to me when it's performed. One of the most gratifying performances was when a junior high school drama teacher called me and said he'd directed a production at the school of the play and it was about to open. He invited me and my wife to see the performance, stay over night and have breakfast the next day. It was a terrific experience; the kids did a great job of performing "Sloth" and the teacher managed to get Tim Russert to make a news recording they used in the show.I think you'll relate to Nadine and Elvira and their character quirks. Along with news anchor Sally Sweet, they complete the perfect package for a humorous read.