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    Two women, two men, fight the wages of sin. Who heals? Who follows God’s will? Four journeys, four friends; turn the page, let the story begin… Suspense builds as new faces emerge. Unexpected surprises, exciting twists and turns, and lessons learned make Susan’s world come alive. Through many struggles, does Susan’s faith prevail? Will this family ever bond together?

    From the Author

    I give God the glory for the completion of my Running Forward Series: Sin, Secrets, and Salvation; River Town; and Hidden Creek...and thank Him for His guidance on my hand as I wrote each book.

    My goal to give readers a clear understanding of a Christian viewpoint by the actions of my main character, Susan Penleigh, I believe, has been reached. Modern family issues desperately need prayer, and as a Christian, I hope I have adequately addressed some of those issues. Special thanks to my mother, Lillie Clark, for all the hours of reading and editing as I wrote; and to all the rest of my family, church family, and friends-I couldn't have made it without you. To my readers, thank you for such a favorable response to my series. Typing in the book titles at and leaving your review is so treasured. Your words of encouragement are greatly appreciated. I enjoy hearing from you, please visit my website: To my friends of over twenty years, who went above and beyond critiquing my book, Bob and Amy Bell, and Jan Bramlett; thank you very much for your help, your sincerity, and your expertise. I'm so pleased with the results! To each person who took time out from their busy schedule to read my manuscript and endorse my work: I heartily thank and appreciate you. Words cannot express my gratitude. To Don A. Martinez, Editor and Publisher of Desert Coyote Publications, I thank you for your insight and your kindness through the entire series.

    From the Inside Flap

    After reading the first two books in the series, I was anxious to see how everything would work out in the life of Susan Penleigh. "Hidden Creek" is the best yet! I have always enjoyed stories with a bit of suspense. This one has that, plus it speaks to how we, as Christians, should handle the joys and sorrows of life. I am looking forward to your next book, Lynn.

    ---Bobbie Russell, a great grandmother who still enjoys reading good fictionA modern, fast-paced story, full of the events that have to be faced and overcome in daily life. Showing the strength of friendship, and what can be achieved with a loving relationship. Set in familiar surroundings of Northeast Texas, Hidden Creek is a really good read, and part of an enjoyable series. ---Ann Gallant, author, The Beauty Specialist, The Beauty Therapist, and The Beauty ElectrogistIn the final book of the Running Forward Series, Lynn Hobbs has completed her story of Susan Penleigh, keeping one's interest throughout each book. There is a surprising development that really catches one's attention in Hidden Creek. It just wasn't expected. Christian values are refreshingly noticed in the entire series. We enjoyed following Susan's journey, and found it both suspenseful, and inspiring. ---Amy & Bob Bell, retired B&B ownersThis is a book that is uplifting to read. The main characters are devout Christians, who are not ashamed to share their beliefs and the Gospel with others. Again, it is heartening to read a book about ordinary people, even though they sometimes have a lot of drama going on in their lives; of course. this keeps us from wanting to put the book down! ---Jan Bramlett, retired, Texas Public SchoolsHaving read all three books in the Running Forward Series by Lynn Hobbs, I can say that "Hidden Creek" is Lynn's best work yet. The characters portray Christian individuals, who approach life as we all should, sharing their faith, reaching out to others and always ready to lend a hand. This last book in the series holds some unexpected developments. I only thought I knew how it was going to end. Thanks, Lynn, for a great read! ---Nancy Summers, avid reader of Christian literture