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    ICE: THE WAY WITHIN - Rane has been captured and taken to the heart of the Draond Empire, where she is placed under the control of the High Overlord Cailenn. Unwilling to hurt the dragons to which she is Bonded, Rane willingly undergoes torture and manipulation as Cailenn attempts to turn her into another draond.Rane finds her very essence torn asunder as she struggles between dragonforce and the darkness she has always felt pulling inside her. But in order to give in to the Overlord and end her torment, she must betray the dragons and the essence of who she has struggled to become. The battle rages within her, spilling over until the dragons themselves and an army of allies confront the draond forces for a final time. Horrifyingly outnumbered, the dragons must wait as Rane and Cailenn face off in a far subtler war - one which will end in either the death of the dragons, or the defeat of the draonds. Yet either choice results in the greatest sacrifice Rane has ever had to make...