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    Scott Harold grew up believing his father died in the war, but when his mother is murdered, he and his feisty girlfriend, Jessie, begin a dangerous journey to uncover the truth. Skirt-chasing President Walter Kendall is fighting to win a second term and cannot afford another scandal. His blond trophy wife, Gloria, hates his indiscretions but believes a baby will save their marriage. Stuttering Frank Tate, abused as a child, spent his childhood in "The Maze," a psychiatric institution until a mysterious benefactor rescued him to carry out to carry out a series of political "dirty tricks." These three stories weave together in a thriller that will keep you intrigued until the last page.


    Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite -- FIVE STARS!

    Everyone in connection with President Walter Kendall is getting murdered but why? Identity Check by Rich Allan is a chilling thriller that immediately starts off with suspense, murder and intrigue. The first victims were Democratic Senator Calvin Mills and his wife, Judy. They were murdered in the comfort of their own heavily secured home, along with the agents assigned to protect them. With each chapter, Rich implants a barrage of questions for you to ponder, beginning with what do Frank Tate, Vince Terrell, Christina Harold (Denson), Scott Harold, Jessie Sterling, First Lady Gloria and President Kendall all have in common? Rich weaves Identity Check as a masterful black widow awaiting its prey for the next feast. Let me give you a little teaser. After the death of Scott's mother, Mrs. Harold (Denson), he discovered that President Kendall is his father. Scott and his girlfriend, Jessie, began a journey to find out the truth. But as they embark on the path, will they too become the next victims?

    I enjoyed reading Identity Check by Rich Allan. As I began to take my first bite, I loved the taste. Then I began to chew on each chapter and, as it touched my palate, I began to savor the flavors. I wanted to know who this person is, why did they do that, and what happens now? Was this a professional hit? What were the real connections? Identity Check by Rich Allan would be an ideal movie script because of its storyline built with intrigue, mystery and suspense. Pick up your copy today of Identity Check by Rich Allan to find out if Scott discovered the truth and what happened next.

    About the Author

    Richard Allan Jones (pen name Rich Allan) is a published author, communications executive, actor, musician, singer, and songwriter. He is listed in Who’s Who in Entertainment and accredited by the Public Relations Society of America, holding an M.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in Communications from the Ohio State University. Jones resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Diane, and Lily the Beagle.