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    Spies and traitors inside and outside the CIA...After John Walker and Jerry Whitworth are arrested for passing top-secret information to the Soviet Union, the project Inner Look is initiated to determine if there are any other spies operating within the government intelligence agencies. Navy SEAL Marty Cabot and naval aviator Josh Haman are assigned to the project in the hopes that their unconventional approach and out-of-the-box thinking will yield more answers. Cabot and Haman discover that the security leaks go higher up than anyone imagined. Furthermore, the leaks have compromised many of their missions. For Josh and Marty, it's not just about national security, it's personal. Their pursuit turns international, taking them into dangerous waters. Nothing but their skills will keep them alive when the KBG sends assassins to silence the traitor and neutralize the threat they pose.


    What a great read is Inner Look by Marc Liebman! This book is in the military fiction genre, a thriller that takes readers on an investigative journey with a team of military experts to uncover culprits behind a high scale business of secret selling. What started with the arrests of two spies will have members of the Inner Look --a special unit designed by the navy to evaluate the damage caused by espionage-- looking for one of the top CIA leaders, Juanita Jaramillo, the CIA's Director of Pacific Operations Analysis...The plot is filled with surprises and there are twists involving the KGB and the FBI. The story starts with a bang, as one could say, and the ending comes on a very high note. The characters are complex, each with their inner struggles and challenges...I can't skip commenting on the power of Marc Liebman's prose, which I found to be very evocative and highly descriptive. The plot is multilayered, fast-paced, and well imagined to have the reader turning the pages, fueled with the hunger to find out what happens to some of the characters. Inner Look is a very entertaining book. -- Arya Fomonyuy, Readers Favorite

    I loved the mystery, the action and the sheer breathtaking thrill of the story. Inner Look by Marc Liebman is the story of deceit, lies, and finding the truth. Marty Cabot, a NAvy SEAL, and Josh Haman, a Naval Aviator, are good at what they do. As close friends, they have led successful covert missions and now needed to take on the project Inner Look. Their job is to find the spies who are spilling sensitive secrets for a price, find out the extent of the damage and neutralize it. However, the deeper Cabot and Haman look, the dirtier the secrets they find...Inner Look is intense and well-written...the reader cannot help but become immersed in the novel, the story, and the men Marc brings to life with his words.--Rabia Tanveer, Readers Favorite

    Just a warning...when starting Inner Look, make sure you don't have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won't want to stop reading until you've finished it. Inner Look off with an intriguing, shocking beginning and just keeps going from there, with one surprising turn after another...The mix of real world events and people in this novel give it an authentic feel... the dialogue is genuine and believable, and everything wraps up well in the end, perhaps leaving room for more with some of the characters....Overall a solid read, recommend for fans of action, thrillers, military, and political intrigue. Darlene Cupp, Indie Book Reviewers (5 Stars)

    A story filled with tension and double crosses, Inner Look by Marc Liebman is a military thriller centered around Commanders Josh Haman, a NavalAviator, and Marty Cabot, a SEAL who stumble upon an unauthorized sting operation, leading to the discovery of an intelligence leak that goes higher than either of them ever could imagine. Cabot and Haman are on the hunt with clues leading them to Argentina while the rest of the CIA are certain the mole is heading to communist leaning countries. It's a race against time in Liebman's thrilling novel as Cabot and Haman need to find the mole before the KGB do, and their chance for justice is gone forever. Liebman, a retired U.S. Navy Captain and Naval Aviator Inner Look, creates an authentic read that fans of military novels are sure to enjoy. A competent novelist, he shines in the tactical areas of this novel and it adds to the real-life grit of Inner Look and makes it something easy to read in one sitting...Liebman has crafted a story filled with tension and double crosses, and any fan of Inner Look will be happy to know that this isn't the only book in Liebman's arsenal. -- Kauti Nika Raet, Readers Favorite

    Marc Liebman is the author of several military/war/espionage thriller novels...With Inner Look Liebman has once again proven himself to have a great talent for weaving high-stakes, complex plots brought passionately to life by the strong, intelligent, and authentic characters, and I like how his novels are just as much character-driven as they are plot-driven. Recommend for fans of thriller/military/espionage. Marcella Gonzales - Indie Book Reviewers (5 stars)