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Joy Don Baker and Terri Goodman, nursing students in the '70s like their book characters, both writers in the professional perioperative nursing literature. They met in the 80's and have remained friends for years.

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A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering
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Synopsis Authoring a book or article with a writing partner can take the sting and isolation out of a solo writing project. Working with someone who has knowledge and skills that complement your own can make the task of writing easier and the finished work more comprehensive and robust. Partners motivate one another to stay on track and to produce their best work. The A, B, & Cs of Author Partnering and the workbook in the back will guide you through the process of creating a partnership,...

The Wake-up Call ePub
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In 1970, pampered, naive, Philly-born Frannie is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of nursing school and college life in Dallas. A love-hate relationship erupts when Robin, her fiery, red-headed roommate, arrives from Chicago to find Frannie's belongings covering every inch of space in their room, and Frannie nowhere in sight. Adding fuel to the fire, Frannie pursues a relationship with a sophomore hunk whom Robin insists is pond scum. She ignores her suitemates' pleas to join their study...