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    Life is a lot like random doodles

    We rush through not noticing important things along the way. Using her love of poetry, K created Just a Doodle to remind us how important it is to stop and notice… the buzzard on the steeple cross…the solid white plane…and many other unique things we miss in life. It’s not just about what we see. K encourages us to use all our senses and see deeper within ourselves…using vivid imagery and imagination.

    Summer Trip

    Pink birds.

    Solid white planes.

    Museums for carnivals.

    Nothing stays the same,

    As we move along this road.

    Passing history.

    Wondering what’s next To change.


    There he sits

    At the top,

    A buzzard perched

    Atop the steeple’s cross.

    What is he saying?

    Why is he waiting?

    For death?

    People flood the doors below.

    A sea of black begins to flow.

    A distant cry From within,

    His wings span wide,

    Welcoming the death

    That lay inside.