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    Called back from Oralia to serve the High King, Lexin of Bellmore is sent on a quest for a lost son long thought dead. The seemingly futile quest is made more difficult by secrets Lexin has learned prior to his departure, ones that alienate him from kin and any hope for love. Cerise MacKinnon is kinswoman to the Dark Lord of Kismera and his wife Ki, ruler of Oralia. With feelings for Lexin left unexplored when he departed for the High Kingdom, Cerise uses her viable talents to ensconce herself in the castle in order to contribute to the prosperity of Oralia. When Lexin returns, seeking aid in his search, Cerise finds a way to insert herself into the mission, hoping to rekindle the spark between them.


    The Dark Lord of Kismera is a fast paced, reach out and grab you to the end kind of tale. This is a great goto for in between the Outlander books. -Julie H As a huge Game of Thrones fan I was interested in this novel. The plots are intricately woven and characters extremely well developed. If you are looking for an attention-grabbing read for your Indian summer check this one out! -Mary Jo Leahy "I never thought I would get excited about dragons and mythical beasts duking it out with people and other minions. I locked in, reading until I became bleary-eyed." - Robert Z. "The Knights of Kismera series' unique story is so new and captivating it left me wanting more." - C.L. Grumbles "The story is so vivid with detail I feel like I'm in this wonderful magical story. Can't wait for the next book!" - Flora Hernandez "This book is a great combination of romance, adventure and fantasy. The interaction between the characters weaves a spellbinding tale of adventure and romance." - Melissa "It can't be defined as just a romance, adventure, action, thriller, fantasy. It is definitely all of these and much much more." - Mariah

    About the Author

    Award winning author Tamara H. Hartl has published Dark Lord of Kismera, the first book in the Knights of Kismera series and her short story "The Lady's Profit" is featured in the anthology, Short Stories by Texas Authors. Tamara was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. She moved to Texas and began her career as a horse trainer and farm manager for an Arabian horse breeder. She now works for a different owner of Arabians and Arab-cross show horses in the same capacity. Horses figure prominently in her writing. She is a wife, mother of two daughters, and a caretaker of a menagerie of rescue animals. She enjoys a good book and spending time with her own horses.