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A Long Way Home
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SynopsisAfter crippling her husband in an auto crash, Meredith Haggerty endures years of his abuse while harboring a plan to escape when she can make it look as if she died. She grasps her chance at freedom on 9/11 when she survives the fall of the North Tower. Heading to a new life in Mexico, her seatmate on the bus is Father Jacque Richelieu who convinces her to teach English at his community center on the Texas Rio Grande. She finds a home, but she and the priest discover that they have not...

Meems Little World 2
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Synopsis Meem's Little World 2 is the second book of the series, Meem's Little World. It is the same format as the original Meem's Little World, offering more beautiful illustrations and poetry that children will love. The little mouse, Meem, is hidden once in each poem for the child to find, and is a continuing theme in each book. Hand written and illustrated, the Meem's Little World series books are unique, one of a kind, heirloom treasure to be passed down through generations. ...

Meems Little World 3
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2019 Texas Authors Best Children's Picture Book Pre-K Synopsis Every day that I wake up, I can't wait to create. In turn, the smiles and giggles that come pouring back to me from my biggest little fans, makes it all worth it. I want my readers to be happy and have fun with it no matter what the age. I'm doing what I love and loving what I do. This is what life is about.

The First Migration
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SynopsisTHE FIRST MIGRATION Dr. Darren Stewart, world-renowned physicist in charge of NASA's massive time travel complex in the White Sands Missile Range, needs to get a life but has no idea how-until he meets White House deputy press secretary Tracey Loring. After a weekend rendezvous in Santa Fe, a romance blossoms between the two. Concerned that the successful development of time travel capability represents a threat, members of an advanced civilization from a distant time kidnap Darren....

Yazzys Amazing Yarn
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2020 Best Texas Children's Picture BookSynopsisYazzy is a creative girl, always sketching out her next adventure. She loves yarn, and she loves to knit! Her neighborhood park is dull and rusty, but Yazzy has a plan. With a little help from her friends, Yazzy's knitted wonders transform Penny Park into a fuzzy rainbow of warmth and color. What yarn-tastic idea will Yazzy think of next? The book includes a "History of Yarn Bombing" page for readers who are not familiar with this creative and...