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Inheritance Adventures
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Synopsis Divorce was never really in Claira Williams's life plan, but when your husband knocked up his sister-in-law, what is a girl to do? Relocating from Houston to a small town in West Virginia, Claira is ready for a new adventure. Inheriting her Aunt Emma Jean's cabin in the mountains seemed to be the perfect solution. A fresh start in a new place. A good idea until she realized the cabin was being remodeled according to Aunt Emma Jean's final wishes. Living through the headaches of...

The Blunder
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Synopsis After a long and successful career, Brice Lanning sees himself as the consummate advertising man. When an insensitive boss, years his junior, tactlessly reassigns his major account, Lanning takes it as a personal insult. Retreating to his favorite watering hole, he embarks on a monumental bender and a particularly ill-conceived revenge. It’s a snafu that triggers an inexorable chain of life-changing events.The Blunder is a modern cautionary tale that makes each of us question whether...