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Inheritance Adventures
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Synopsis Divorce was never really in Claira Williams's life plan, but when your husband knocked up his sister-in-law, what is a girl to do? Relocating from Houston to a small town in West Virginia, Claira is ready for a new adventure. Inheriting her Aunt Emma Jean's cabin in the mountains seemed to be the perfect solution. A fresh start in a new place. A good idea until she realized the cabin was being remodeled according to Aunt Emma Jean's final wishes. Living through the headaches of...

On a Pedestal
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Synopsis For a child, a grandmother can be as enchanting as a fairy tale heroine. Her place in the hierarchy of the family is the most beloved and admired. My grandmother, aka Nanny, was no exception. She was colorful, eccentric and very opinionated. What I looked forward to the most, on visits to her house, was to go inside her closet, and admire rows and rows of her shoes. I would spend an entire afternoon prancing around in a beaded pump or a leopard boot. She wasn’t the type of grandmother...

Short Stories by Texas Authors Volume 5
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Pre Orders are now being taken.  October 1 delivery date.Synopsis: Texas authors have once again allowed their creative minds to open up and expand the Universe in which they live with short stories that capture one’s emotions through the everlasting medium of storytelling. This fifth volume of award-winning short stories takes readers on a personal ride of growth and understanding, then a jaunt through history both factual and fictional, then a trip of magic, suspense, and much more....

The Blunder
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Synopsis After a long and successful career, Brice Lanning sees himself as the consummate advertising man. When an insensitive boss, years his junior, tactlessly reassigns his major account, Lanning takes it as a personal insult. Retreating to his favorite watering hole, he embarks on a monumental bender and a particularly ill-conceived revenge. It’s a snafu that triggers an inexorable chain of life-changing events.The Blunder is a modern cautionary tale that makes each of us question whether...

The Open Portal
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SynopsisBUT WITH DREAMS, THERE CAN ALSO BE NIGHTMARES... Lonely and plain-featured, Mona Parker is just another faceless teenager at Spring Hill High School when she angers a beautiful and arrogant classmate. Bullied relentlessly and with nowhere to turn, Mona’s colorless life turns into a hellish existence. Mona considers suicide until one night, Thaddeus Finkle, her guardian angel, appears and offers her a way out;SWAP LIVES WITH ANOTHER: Mona takes the angel up on his offer. She awakes on...