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Lori Rolie was born in Dallas, Texas in 1957. She attended Texas Tech University and The University of Texas in Austin. In 1979, she met her husband, Gregg Rolie, and moved to San Francisco, California. Gregg is the co-founder and original lead singer and keyboardist of the legendary rock bands, Santana and Journey, as well as a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have two children, who were the inspiration behind her debut children’s poetry series, Meem’s Little World.

Lori’s lifelong dream was to create stories for the very young reader, on their level, keeping it simple and sweet. Intentionally childlike, she wrote and illustrated her poems in her own hand, giving it a truly organic feel

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Meems Little World
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Synopsis --Inspiring and entertaining tales that let kids be the star of the story. --Can customize and change the name, hairstyle, hair color, eye color and skin color of the main character. --Kids get to live out fun adventures through the pages.

Meems Little World 2
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Synopsis Meem's Little World 2 is the second book of the series, Meem's Little World. It is the same format as the original Meem's Little World, offering more beautiful illustrations and poetry that children will love. The little mouse, Meem, is hidden once in each poem for the child to find, and is a continuing theme in each book. Hand written and illustrated, the Meem's Little World series books are unique, one of a kind, heirloom treasure to be passed down through generations. ...