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    When Chaos threatens their minds, what will become of their hearts?

    When Gemini Cosley and King Ferez Katani fell asleep on the night of Mid-Season, the newly courting pair was happy. True, secrets still hang between them, but Gemi and her bondmates agreed that Mid-Season was for enjoying themselves and the telling of secrets could be saved for another day.

    Unfortunately, that other day will not be soon. When everyone wakes the next day, Gemi is missing, her bondmates remember neither her nor each other, and the king believes himself to be the farmer he's pretended to be for half a season. Worse yet, as those who know the truth struggle to rectify the situation, Chaos breaks out across Evon, threatening the gods as much as the world they rule. Even if her allies do manage to save Gemi from their enemies, can they save her from herself? Or will they be forced to abandon her to the power that threatens both her and Evon's lost king?

    About the Author

    Dorothy Tinker grew up dreaming of fantastical worlds and creatures, of plots in space, and of strange new cultures. Certain she needed something other than writing to support her through life, she spent her time at the University of Texas at Dallas focusing on math and computer science. Two years after graduating with a BS in applied math, she rediscovered her true passion and rededicated herself to her literary dreams. Since then, Dorothy has published an ongoing series of young adult fantasy novels, including Peace of Evon, Gift of War, and Lost King. Her short stories have appeared in HWG Press's Riding the Waves and Out of Many, One, Inklings Publishing's Eclectically Cosmic and Eclectically Heroic, and Writespace's In Medias Res. Dorothy is also the owner of D Tinker Editing and works as copy editor and formatter for Inklings Publishing.