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    2019 Texas Authors Best Children's Picture Book Pre-K


    Every day that I wake up, I can't wait to create. In turn, the smiles and giggles that come pouring back to me from my biggest little fans, makes it all worth it. I want my readers to be happy and have fun with it no matter what the age. I'm doing what I love and loving what I do. This is what life is about.


    My good friend, Lori Rolie, has just published her second children's book, Meem's Little World. I've watched as she's created these two books from scratch, and have seen first hand all of the love and care she puts into them. The illustrations are all done by Lori, and all done by hand! Even the font she uses is her own. These days, when so much is done by computers, it's refreshing to see a book that is truly handmade. It's sure to be treasured by very young readers and their parents. --Mark Murray, KVUE-TV, Austin, Texas