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    Whether you're looking for a special children's book that will keep your little one entertained before bedtime, or you seek a thoughtful baby shower gift for a dad-to-be, Shanalee Sharboneau s unique stories and colorful illustrations are the perfect choice!

    When it comes to expressing the deep meaning of a father s love for his daughter, words are far from being enough. Yet somehow, Shanalee manages to put together a lovely selection of lyrics which succeeds to transcend the banality of children books. Inspired by her own personal health struggles with her son, the prize-winning author truly captures the essence of a father s unconditional nurturing feelings for his little princess. Both readers and kids will enjoy hearing everything about Egyptian hieroglyphs, riding on Pegasus, or even starry adventures of father and daughter, in lyrics which will move you to tears. With a charming, easy to read composition and gorgeous illustrations, My Daddy Loves Me: I'm His Little Girl is a wonderful lullaby collection filled with emotion, love and a hope of adventure.

    Order yours now and you'll definitely capture the young readers attention through the beautifully illustrated pages as well as the catchy phrases which constantly reference the unique role a father has in his child's life!

    About the Author

    When Shanalees son Braydon was born in 2010, he had severe reflex. She and her husband, Perry, spent the first six months with their son on a 24/7 vigilant watch to make sure his condition did not take him back to heaven. Shanalee spent countless hours rocking her son day and night humming nursing tunes to calm him. None of them worked, until she began to hum a melody which later formed words. These words turned into lyrics, lyrics turned into verses, and the verses became the beautiful lullaby she sang to her newborn son entitled, My Mama Loves Me. After Braydons reflux went away, Shanalee wrote down all the melodies to the lullaby so she would not forget the loving song she once sang to her infant son, over and over again, to calm him in his time of need. This became the book, My Mama Love Me, the first in her children's series, My Family Loves Me.

    As a National and International Awarded Children's Author with her children's series "My Family Loves Me" being sold and recognized all over the world starting with her first book "My Mama Loves Me; I'm Her Little Boy". Shanalee has been awarded Medal Finalist in the International Book Award for Best Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction, Royal Dragonfly Book Award and won the Medal Reader's Favorite Five Stars on two of her books. She has been featured and awarded on "Moving America Forward" show hosted by William Shatner and awarded a place in the Give Voice to Women program through the World Academy for the Future of Women at Sias International University in Henan, China to assist the UN in minimizing gender inequality. Shanalee has been recognized by The President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, Financial Guru, Dave Ramsey and Former First Lady, Laura Bush and are available to her global fans in Ireland, Australia, India, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Africa, Russia, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, Spain, Italy and France.