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    Not Just My Poetry…It’s Your Life, Too. Motivated by love, life experiences, & dreams. This poetry invokes the diversity and relates to the similarities the author has experienced while travelling across the world. People feel, love, and remember life in many similar ways. Celebrate your life and loves!

    My Flutist

    She plays the flute;

    I listen patiently

    the notes she plays so effortlessly...

    Smooth as amaretto pouring out from the bottle

    majestic song lyrics I recognize,

    my senses are aroused...

    I thirst for more

    she plays so gracefully,

    intoxicated by the absorbing melody

    note by note...

    It's pure enchantment

    I hope she plays forever

    briefly my soul shivers...

    Time with her is pure joy

    willing to heed and listen

    her song I believe

    I'm no longer in this world...

    Transported somewhere else,

    far off in the distance

    the birdsong

    wind through the flute

    playing love tunes

    in complete silence

    I treasure the sweetness within


    My true mistress

    with eyes like a blue moon

    red lips among the white pure majestic snow

    she stands alone outside

    in the garden she treads

    on ground formed by heaven…

    Her love is rare

    I am captivated by her allure

    she makes me happy

    the only one to soothe my soul…

    An angel bows through faith

    now divine with power from above

    my heart is ever pounding

    and stomach-tingling…

    With peace of mind

    I gaze into her eyes

    she is my true dream

    a life of waiting for at last

    in an angelic voice

    she speaks to me….

    I know not what your dream may be,

    with intensity and passion

    my heart skips a beat

    she expresses inescapable goodness,

    if not saintliness…

    I am overcome by emotions,

    in the most romantic way

    her goodness fascinates

    it draws me into her garden

    in this garden

    I await her return