Rebecca Nietert, is a speaker, blogger and author of Heart of Gold, Chasing Fairytales and Provocative Confessions. She currently speaks at women's empowerment seminars, and church affiliations. She founded both Bayou Writer’s Club in Mandeville, Louisiana, and Lone Star Writer’s Club in Plano, Texas, where she hopes to inspire new authors to tell their story. She’s celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary and has just adopted three children who lost both their parents due to cancer. She and her husband have two biological children of their own. Rebecca's blended family resides in Murphy, Texas.

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Chasing Fairytales
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Chasing Fairytales is the continuing saga from Rebecca Nietert's first novel, "Heart of Gold." Life for the main character, Beverly, has changed far more than she thought possible. After a wicked fall out with Joseph, Beverly sets out on a journey to find romance, a loving family, a beautiful home, friends, unconditional love, and a lifetime of joyful moments. In short, Beverly wants her fantasized fairytale life to come true. Unfortunately, Beverly has made some mistakes along her journey...

Heart of Gold
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This novel is about a very young woman, named Beverly, trying to make it on her own and become a mature empowered woman. Beverly and her close confidant, Lana, find themselves making terrible decisions that create havoc and chaos in their lives. Those choices get them in serious trouble when they team up with master manipulators and liars who work and thrive in Houston's oil industry. They go through a series of dramatic situations that leave readers cheering and hopeful all the while feeling...