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    Jesus walked comfortably in the supernatural, and God wants us to do so as well. These daily devotions are based on expanded God-given nuggets found in the #1 Amazon Best Seller List book RESTORE, RESTORE, RESTORE AND MORE. The teachings in RESTORE, RESTORE, RESTORE DEVOTIONAL make us focus each day on things that must become a habit with us to not limit God. That is why, God explained to me, this is a month that will need to be repeated over and over until it is a part of us. I suggest keeping a daily journal of what is learned each day, and write down the things you are confident in as well as those that need to have your focus. At the end of the month, when you start over again, update your status. God needs all of us to be ready to receive the blessings God described were coming in RESTORE, RESTORE, RESTORE AND MORE as this new agenda rolls in. Wave after wave God revealed they are coming in, and the blessings will overtake us. Read what is written in Deuteronomy 28:2. "All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God." Enjoy walking in your God given purpose and potential that God always intended for us. I will be working on these with you, as the insights are from the Holy Spirit, not from me. I am just very exited to see this stampede of good that God described would be coming to Him, bringing blessings to us.

    Day One

    Hi Dad—I Want—Bye Dad

    Luke 14:34 (New Life Version) NLV

    Salt is good, but if the salt has lost its taste, how

    can it be made to taste like salt again?

    How did the salt lose its saltiness?

    The natural answer shows us three ways.

    A) If frozen improperly, crystals form which change the texture, making it mushy, diluted.

    B) In a freezer or a refrigerator that isn’t clean, it absorbs odors of other food around it.

    C) Just sitting in the presence of other uncovered flavors, they all start blending together.

    But God is counting on us to be the salt of the earth.

    Here is the Biblical answer.

    Psalm 34:8 New Life Version (NLV)

    O taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who trusts in Him.

    God wants us to go to Him in prayer and just talk to Him. He wants to be a part of all our day. God doesn’t want us to run into the Throne Room, give orders, and run out again!

    We can look at the three ways that salt loses its flavor and turn that to the positive with God.

    Call on Him.

    Did you happen to see the commercial about the slightly overweight child who is playing on a computer game? The one where he stops playing, picks up the phone, and calls his grandmother. We find she is only in the other room, and we see the grandmother slowly make her way in to answer the phone. When she answers, he asks that she fix him another grape soda.

    There is no love, no respect...just an order.

    Oh, my! Do we look like that to God? Just calling out to Him to ask for this or that. If we do look like that, we should surely better want to change.

    The grandmother in the commercial looked so displeased when she found out who was on the phone and what he wanted.

    Is God displeased when we come into the Throne Room, bark an order, and run out?

    God is actually so glad to see us! He loves us so much, and He is so very glad to see us. But if we come in and say, “Hi, Dad, I want _________, Bye Dad,” would our Father feel very much like blessing us?

    You know what? I am recalling that the thoughts and chapter titles in Restore, Restore, Restore and More were not mine but God’s thoughts. I am getting this day’s devotion from that book God helped me write. This IS from His heart and is very important to Him.

    Perhaps He is just really tired of us doing that when these times we are in call for so much direction from God.

    God created us for a purpose, and it was not so He could go get us a grape soda at our every demand.

    Did we hang around God long enough to absorb the fullness of His flavor that will enable us to be the salt of the earth?

    Are we frozen solid with a firm foundation enabling us to stand no matter the circumstance, showing the world our saltiness?

    God saw to it that I was frozen solidly walking with Him when we got the news that otherwise would have knocked me off my feet. Because I had listened to His command, God and I had been walking in fellowship for a year when that news came, and He was right there. Right there beside me. I handed the news to God, and I said, “Fix this. I am not taking this back until You fix this.” I will tell you about it again, for this story is in my first book, but you may be wondering what command.

    Our children were teenagers then, and we had a dog who was eleven. She was very sick, her hair dull and dry, and she slept most of the day. I was looking down at her, and I heard a voice say, “If you love her, you’ll walk her.”

    Yes, we loved her, so I told David, Susie and Tom that we needed to walk Snickers for we love her. They agreed, but no one did it. It was a week later, and I looked down at our dog in the same position asleep. I heard that voice again, but this time He said, “If you love her, YOU’LL walk her.”

    I knew that was God, and I knew that that walk would also be my prayer time. God can tell you everything you need to know at the time with one sentence.

    I snapped a leash on our sweet German Shepherd, and we took a walk. She was only able to walk fifteen minutes that first day, but the second day was twenty. We built up to two hours, as her health quickly returned. Snickers lived to be eighteen. God gave us seven more years with that wonderful dog. She helped us raise our children, and she watched with me while God fixed the terrible problem we had been given.

    It is wonderful to be solidly frozen with God as the trials of life come your way.

    What about the third comparison –are we instead hanging around gossipers, evil schemers, chasing pleasure with hardly a thought about God? We aren’t going to show our saltiness if we look just like the world.

    Here is our plan. Go into the Throne Room with excitement about seeing our Heavenly Father. Start with praise and worship, and thank Him for the things we are thankful for, ask forgiveness for any sins that we have committed—realized or unrealized sins. Pray for our family and friends, and don’t forget to pray for ourselves. Ask Him to help us get the things we need, and I bet it isn’t a grape soda

    Now that we have told Him our problem and asked for help, we are to thank God for helping us with that. But we don’t leave yet. Don’t leave the Throne Room, for we are not done.

    Interact with Him. God is really fun. Find out what is on His mine. Let Him show us where He is working, and that is our invitation to join Him. Get our directions for the day, the next step, so to speak.

    Now we can leave knowing our salt shaker has been restored. Know that now we are the true salt of the earth. We walk into a room and the atmosphere just has to change. That is because we have been hanging around our Heavenly Father.

    The more we do that, the saltier we become in helping others to see the glory of the Lord.


    Dear Heavenly Father, forgive us when we looked like that young boy in the commercial, paying no thought of You or showing You respect. You are watching us.

    You are watching us all the time, loving us, and wanting to fellowship with us. Are we playing video game, in other words too into busyness to even think of You except to get something for us?

    May each choice we make each and every day be something that You can bless.

    Forgive us for making You sad. May we watch our heart and keep it focused on You. May we be known for having a heart after God like David did. Thank You for loving us. Thank You that by being in Your presence we absorb Your taste and become the salt of the earth.

    In Jesus’ Holy Name,

    Amen and Amen