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SynopsisCAN A WAR-TORN VET SAVE THE WOMAN HE LOVES, IN A WAR AT HOME?Tag was a bomb specialist in the Marine Corps, with two tours behind him. Leaving the military, he went home with nightmares and the inability to get a job. PTSD eventually led him to the bottle. Unfortunately, he didn’t know the war was still going on at home. Nine months pregnant, his wife is caught in a terrorist attack on a U.S. Post Office. Who could the terrorists be?More importantly, will she and her unborn child make...

Whispers On The Wind
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Synopsis: You didn’t stop him. He killed her. Dire warnings from a voice only he can hear makes Sheriff Cooper Delaney doubt his sanity. When a body is found matching one from a recent nightmare, he believes he’s gone off the deep end. The dead do not talk to the living. Or do they? One body becomes two. Are there more?

Wraithling Born
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SinopsisFollow an epic journey of fantasy and adventure as Scholar and Artist hunt the origins of the elusive Djinn. Trekking across exotic lands and over raging seas to the volcanic island home of demons of smoke and ash, will they survive finding what they are both seeking so desperately?