Sandra Rhea is a teacher, a mother, a writer, and an animal lover. She believes strongly in the power of stories and helping children find their own voices early in life through the written word. She lives in a sprawling old house in the Houston Heights with her daughter, her daughter’s fiance, and a changing number of dogs and cats.

She teaches elementary school in the Houston public school system, and conducts private writing workshops for children out of her home. She has written and published some personal essays over the years. Willowmena’s Quest is her first published book.

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Willowmena’s Quest
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SynopsisWhen a motherless young girl named Willowmena stumbles over Merloo, a fairy with a broken wing, the two become unlikely companions in a barren land where friendship is virtually unknown. Accompanied by a magical rhinoceros with a flashing red eye, a mute prince, and relentlessly pursued by the Miner of the Dark Pass, the stalwart band of travelers embark on a heroic journey through the dusty Land of Bleak. Willowmena and her friends travel in search of the Mountains of Tune, each of...