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Sandra Fox Murphy is originally from Newark, Delaware, but grew up a "military brat." Sandy was inspired to begin writing while studying the beatnik poets at Indian Valley College in California, and she is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. Sandy stepped up her writing after retiring from the U. S. Geological Survey in 2009 when she started writing poetry and short stories with her writing club in Round Rock, Texas. A Thousand Stars is her first novel, a story about Ann Hill that she was compelled to write. It is historical fiction set in Rhode Island during the seventeenth century, a time period Sandy loves to visit through her stories. She is currently writing a novel set on Maryland's eastern shore, set in the late nineteenth century. You can can find more about Sandra's books, as well as some poetry and short stories, at her website,

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A Thousand Stars
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Synopsis In 1665, in Rhode Island, Ann Tallman, wife of Peter, is sentenced to fifteen lashings in Newport's town square. Her story begins, in 1647, in Barbados where Ann Hill, the daughter of English settlers, meets the dashing German merchant Captain Peter Tallman. After they wed and settle in colonial Rhode Island, after six children, after years of Peter's absences at sea, abuse, and jealousies, it was Thomas, the English indentured servant, who won Ann's heart. Refusing to leave behind...

Chasing Fairytales
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Chasing Fairytales is the continuing saga from Rebecca Nietert's first novel, "Heart of Gold." Life for the main character, Beverly, has changed far more than she thought possible. After a wicked fall out with Joseph, Beverly sets out on a journey to find romance, a loving family, a beautiful home, friends, unconditional love, and a lifetime of joyful moments. In short, Beverly wants her fantasized fairytale life to come true. Unfortunately, Beverly has made some mistakes along her journey...

Heart of Gold
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This novel is about a very young woman, named Beverly, trying to make it on her own and become a mature empowered woman. Beverly and her close confidant, Lana, find themselves making terrible decisions that create havoc and chaos in their lives. Those choices get them in serious trouble when they team up with master manipulators and liars who work and thrive in Houston's oil industry. They go through a series of dramatic situations that leave readers cheering and hopeful all the while feeling...

Let the Little Birds Sin
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Synopsis In 1847, the McCord family, filled with hope for prospects of a better life, packed all their earthly belongings into covered wagons and left their homes in Indiana for Texas. The world beyond was in front of seven-year-old Fidelia, and little did she know, as the wagons traveled down the dusty trail to the southwest, that there would be the need for all the courage she could muster. Her faith would be tested and fortitude found in the most unexpected places. Let the Little Birds Sing...

That Beautiful Season
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Synopsis When the Civil War is at last over, a young girl called Sylvie is unaware of the turmoil of her past and the Reconstruction all around her. She knows only farm animals and crop cycles and the love of her family. Growing into a lovely young woman in rural Maryland, she finds happiness in the farming life and, over time, runs smack into love. But she soon will discover that life is filled not only with joy, but loss, and secrets that will topple all she thought she knew. That Beautiful...