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    Ivy, a bakers daughter, finds that the new life in Ensourcium doesn't offer the new start she had hoped for. Maybe it's her? She just isn't adjusting to life as 'normal'. Maybe it's the baby dragon that's adopted her? The dragon is definitely causing tension at home. As for friends, well that's a whole different set of complications.

    A complication in the form of a prince who doesn't act like a Prince.

    Prince Vlad isn't finding home to be the warm welcoming place the word 'home' might bring to mind. He's now the only heir to the throne, with no experience or training for that role. Its a job he doesn't want. Add to that how badly he has messed up his friendship with Ivy and well, he jumps at the chance to go back out into the woods and just be Vlad again. He has no problem leaving the title behind. There will be plenty of time to learn how to run the kingdom after his parents come to grips with his brother exiling himself.

    Back at the border, forces of magic seem to have other ideas.