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    Check out sci-fi & fantasy as you've never seen it before - in this first volume of poetry! Presented by the San Antonio Sci-Fi & Fantasy Author's Association.

    Within the Tale

    There is the once

    And also the time

    Like strange strands

    Which weave

    A tapestry of woe -

    A tapestry of hope -

    Light and dark

    In endless circling,

    An ouroboros of possibility

    Between life and beyond

    Mysteries and dreams

    That intertwine endlessly

    Looping lives in knotted skeins

    To bring the circle ‘round again

    So that the story may remain behind

    And frame our days

    With existential awareness

    Of what might be

    Of what certainly is

    Betwixt magic and hope.

    -C.M. Bratton