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    Prepare to be spellbound. Barbara Frances' long-awaited third novel is available NOW! Shadow's Way, takes you to the coastal, deep South, where the past and the present mingle in a gothic tale of insanity, murder, and sexual intrigue.

    You'll meet the beautiful Elaine Chauvier, former actress and proprietor of Shadow's Way, her family's antebellum home; the esteemed Archbishop Andre Figurant and his fallen identical twin, Bastien; newly arrived Ophelia and Rudy, here to explore their Chauvier roots and their ties to Shadow's Way; and the mysterious Madame Claudine. Under a veneer of piety and graciousness, i.e., the questions: What is good? What is evil? What is reality?

    Editorial Reviews


    A spell weaver, Shadow's Way, kept me in suspense,
    which, as a lover of good mysteries is not easy for an
    author to do. I often guess an ending before I hit the
    middle. As in her last book, Like I Used to Dance, Ms.
    Frances' characters are delicious portrayals, richly textured,
    gradually revealing their good and evil humanity,
    as her hauntingly realistic settings and surprising
    story unfolds. To say more might give away the best of
    her new book. I have thoroughly enjoyed both of her
    novels and highly recommend them.
    Sherry Haskin

    Two of the historic forces that still shape American
    culture, ante-bellum southern ideology and the catholic
    church, are brought into fascinating and disturbing
    juxtaposition in this novel. Barbara Frances lays bare
    traditions that while often enough exposed as decadent
    in some measure, still retain strong elements of venerability
    through the usual telling of their stories. Not here.
    Nothing is embellished or disguised. At its core, like a
    Russell Lee camera lens, this work shows us marginalized
    people seeking growth and redemption without
    filters or touch-up. With all their blemishes, in their
    stumbling nakedness they emerge as utterly noble.
    David Wiener

    About the Author

    Barbara Frances has plenty of stories and a life spent acquiring them. Growing up Catholic on a small Texas farm, her childhood ambition was to become a nun. In ninth grade she entered a boarding school in Our Lady of the Lake Convent as an aspirant, the first of several steps before taking vows. On graduation, however, she passed up the nun’s habit for a college degree in English and Theatre Arts. Her professors were aghast when she declined a PhD program in order to become a stewardess, but Barbara never looked back. “In the Sixties, a stewardess was a glamorous occupation.” Her career highlights include dating a very gentlemanly Chuck Berry and “opening the bar” for a planeload of underage privates on their way to Vietnam. Marriage, children, school teaching and divorce distracted her from storytelling, but one summer she and a friend coauthored a screenplay. “I never had such fun! I come from a family of storytellers. Relatives would come over and after dinner everyone would tell tales. Sometimes they were even true.” The next summer Barbara wrote a screenplay solo. Contest recognition, an agent and three optioned scripts followed but, weary of fickle producers and endless rewrites, she turned to novels. Shadow’s Way is her third book. Her first, Lottie’s Adventure, is aimed at young readers. Her second, Like I Used To Dance, is a family saga set in 1950’s rural Texas. Barbara’s fans can be thankful she passed up convent life for one of stories and storytelling. She and her husband Bill live in Austin, Texas. Barbara welcomes questions or comments about Shadow’s Way at . If you enjoyed Shadow’s Way, please go to and write a review.