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The Painting 2 Kindle
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synopsis Gerald Oliver Delaney secured the safety of his world, the painting, from all. He hid it deep within its own self-contained universe. Yet, even though it was so very far away, he could still hear the hopes and prayers of the humans he had painted. Over time, Gerald had willed wonderful things to happen within the painting. Miracles and wonderment flowed from him into the universe so all within could be reminded of his love. He still appreciated and felt the joy this magical world gave...

The Painting 3 Kindle
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Synopsis: Being the granddaughter of the Painter of a universe has it’s perks. Her grandfather; Gerald, and her father; Benjamin, have shared so many wonderful stories about the Painting, Nevaeh can’t help but imagine what it must be like to visit. Fortunately for her, she was born with the ability to find out! Able to float into the Painting, her spirit gets to explore sights even her own father didn’t get to see. The catch is, she can not be seen or heard. She can only observe. Yet,...

The Painting Kindle
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synopsis We start our lives as a blank canvas. It’s our diverse experiences that add color and definition to our painting. Gerald’s world was often harsh and challenging. Feelings of loneliness and isolation were normal for him. The people in his life didn’t understand him and as a result, often ignored him, or refused to make time for him. However, the nature that surrounded Gerald inspired the most sympathetic and caring young child you could ever know. It was Gerald’s love of the world’s...