Steve Friedman grew up in a loving yet turbulent household in Birmingham, Alabama. After graduating from The University of Alabama with a major in Finance, Friedman worked 30 years in various logistics and trading leadership roles with Shell Oil. Besides living in Houston, Detroit, and London, Friedman has traveled worldwide through business trips and family vacations. In 2018, Friedman retired, ready to relax and focus on personal health and family connections. He has also rejuvenated his passion for introspective writing which has spawned In Search of Courage and other nonfiction projects. Besides nonfiction writing and blogging, Friedman enjoys running, reading, and family time. Friedman met his love, Jennifer, in Houston. Together, they have raised three amazing children, Gwendolyn, Madolyn, and Noah. They delight in cruising and hanging around the house together.

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In Search of Courage: An Introverts Struggle with Addictive Behaviors
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Synopsis“In the tradition of Maya Angelou and Paul Monette, In Search of Courage illuminates, through a very personal lens, universal insights bright with wisdom and heart.” — Roger Leslie, Ph.D., author of From Inspiration to Publication “Friedman’s story is an authentic one of self-discovery — the pains, joys and acceptance of embracing who you are in spite of the influence of our extroverted society.” — Norma T. Hollis, author of Ten Steps to AuthenticityLoner. Anti-social. Broken!...