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    Winner 14 Awards ─ Inspirational / Spiritual

    "A highly recommended, evocative read..." "Riveting." Explore the supernatural, angels, souls, miracles, the afterlife, heaven, the impact of intuition & prayer. This tantalizing novel percolates with subtle wisdom that can transform lives.

    The Girl Who Could Read Hearts: A Family & The Power of Intuition

    Chapter One

    High in the hills of Berkeley, California, the omen hung in the stillness of the late afternoon air like a full moon yet to rise. Seeking refuge, Kate Kindrick huddled in the branches of the walnut tree flanking the driveway of the two-story brick home at 537 Spruce Street.

    Kate, a six-year-old who was clueless about the rare seventh sense with which she was gifted—the ability to read human hearts coupled with keen intuition—felt squirmy in her skin. She sniffed at the air, her nose scrunching into a wrinkle. An odd scent seeped into her pores.

    Pointing her index finger at the sky, she held it there as a lightning rod, fully expecting something telling to stick to it. Within seconds, as if a definitive substance had pinged her finger, she brought it down mere millimeters from her eyes. Sleuth-like, Kate examined every nuance, paying extra attention to the whorl pattern on her fingertip.

    She touched the whorl to her tongue. A fearsome shiver snaked through her, one so potent she jolted, almost falling from the tree. Her fingers clutched frantically, grabbing at the limb and its leafy offshoots. Her body jerked upward forcing her weight to shift. After multiple unstable wobbles, she regained her balance. Even still, a feeling of dread had taken hold, had set up residence as surely as if a horde of poisonous snakes had moved in, their aliveness slithering deep within her.

    Inside the house at 537 Spruce Street, an angel waited. She hovered respectfully atop the mound of white icing, atop a thing on Earth called a birthday cake. Her skin appeared to be a translucent plastic, and her eyes were radiant like blue topaz. Her wings, a golden-silvery hue, shimmered in a feathery quiver.

    The clock on the kitchen oven clicked, displaying new digital numbers. The angel blinked her eyes. It was now less than one hour before the party, the celebration of Kate’s entrance on Earth six years ago. Kate’s mother said it was the day she was born to life, and she was. And she wasn’t. Not from the angel’s perspective, anyway, for the angel had known of the percipient soul who would be named Kate eons before she was born to the Kindrick family that lived on planet Earth.

    A moving memorable story that combines spiritual reflections with a myriad of social, political and personal conflicts...and they make for a complex web of events. The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is a highly recommended, evocative read for young adult-to-adult audiences who are interested in stories of evolution,spiritual guidance, and ultimately, hope." ─ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

    ─ This is an affecting story about believing in oneself, and perhaps even of the importance of the supernatural. In Sherry Maysonave's intriguing and supernatural.

    The Girl Who Could Read Hearts, a young girl with special powers navigates through the drama in her life... The story has an immediate mystical tone,introducing its innocent young protagonist and the enigmatic doll that communicates with her. The narrative flows well and is filled with dynamic,rich imagery... Kate proves to be a sweet protagonist, one who is very well developed. The use of the diverse family members from several generations creates the sense of a rich tapestry of history and of the scope of the secrets, adding appeal to the already seductive plot. Their interwoven stories further convey themes of believing in oneself and in divine intervention... The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is an affecting story... ─ Foreword / Clarion Reviews

    ─ A highly recommended read... an inspirational story that vividly treats the themes...

    The Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave is an inspirational story that vividly treats the themes of intuition, religion, God, love, and many others. The book tells the story of a girl with the extraordinary gift of seeing what most ordinary people do not see.. Sherry Maysonave is a very skilled author and her work explores one of the challenging issues that many people face in contemporary society: the loneliness of the gifted person. The story is well written and there is a powerful psychological depth that will haunt many readers. But the story is highly inspirational, one of those tales that will encourage readers to have the courage to stand out, to accept their gifts, and to embrace who they really are. The author's tone is gentle and compassionate, and her voice rings through with clarity and authority. The highly accessible writing is punctuated by vivid descriptions and colorful dialogue... The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is a story of faith, a powerful defense for those who dare to follow the light they see within them. A highly recommended read! ─ Romuald Dzemo, 5-Stars, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

    ─ There is a delightful mixture of intriguing characters, realistic dialogue, spiritual concepts and mystical experiences...

    The Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave is a truly enjoyable way to be reminded of the magic possible in earthly lives. Sherry Maysonave... has written an inspirational and thought-provoking novel. Ms. Maysonave writes in a clear, easy-to-read style; the story flows effortlessly. While there are many characters and various connections between them, it is easy to keep track of each one, primarily due to her distinct descriptions of each person. The author's sharing of her own intuitive abilities at the end of the book is also enlightening. This book is truly a page-turner, engaging the reader from the first page until the last. -- Deborah Lloyd, 5-Stars, Readers' Favorite Reviewer

    ─ A groundbreaking story with a theme that is rarely touched upon in this genre...

    The Girl Who Could Read Hearts by Sherry Maysonave is a psychological novel, a beautiful story of coming to grips with one's gifts. Kate Kindrick has the rare gift of the seventh sense... Can she assume it, fully accept it, and bear it through the many challenges that lie ahead? The Girl Who Could Read Hearts is well written and, yes, the language casts a powerful spell from the very first word of the story. The prose is well-crafted with a strong and masterful use of descriptions to create an unsettling feeling in readers, and a setting that draws the reader irresistibly into the story. The multidimensional plot is very symbolic of the parallel universe inhabited by the psyche of the protagonist. The story starts with conflict and it is important to see how it climaxes. Readers will also enjoy the well-crafted characters and how the author explores their psychological health. Sherry Maysonave makes readers care about her characters and invites them to embrace their weirdness, their God-given talents without shame. ─ Arya Fomonyuy, 5-Stars,Readers' Favorite Reviewer