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    When compelling economic circumstances catapult a headstrong and eminently successful Texas business executive on to a collision course with Mexico’s most authoritarian and ruthless drug lord, only one is likely to survive. One man bullies his way through life leveraging the force of his personality and the advantages of his executive position. The other rules strictly though the intimidating power of an iron fist of physical violence. Neither has ever known a peer in his own domain. Basking in personal affluence, Travis Nelson is a highly respected, and universally admired businessman, who owns housing development company. Handsome and articulate Nelson runs in elite social circles and has an impressive home in a prestigious gated community. His “perfect” family with two grown sons, college age daughter, and trophy wife seem the impeccable complement to his professional achievements, except that, in reality, the home front is a virtual sham. Suddenly his company is suffering an unprecedented cash crunch and is being pressed by lenders. Coincidentally, the Los Toros drug cartel in Durango, Mexico is desperate for new ways to distribute contraband across the Rio Grande border. A brash US educated cartel member proposes to the supreme drug lord, Rodolpho Morales, using the Texan’s border properties as halfway houses in their smuggling operations. Nelson, who has never let ethical issues deter him, quickly strikes a deal, which promises to bring him the cash he desperately needs. The devious arrangement works well for a while but sours just as Nelson’s tenuous personal life falls utterly apart. Feeling jilted by the American’s perfidy, the cartel boss kidnaps him to a remote outpost in the bleak Chihuahuan desert, where sitting alone in a cold adobe hut he finally realizes what his obsessive ways have cost him. He is facing a firing squad while his sons rush to rescue him. Fate steps in at the drug lord’s compound when the condemned Nelson’s impulsively acts during a surprise suicide attack by a hated rival warring cartel and creates an immense debt which the drug lord cannot ignore. The Mexican cannot release his dishonest ex-partner, but should he execute him as planned?

    About the Author

    As a businessman Robert John DeLuca was compelled to operate within tightly restrictive parameters defined by market conditions, government regulations, and other restraining variables. Now as an author, however, he enjoys the wonderful freedom limited only by his own creativity and passion. He has always had a strong interest in writing, which he cultivated at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned BA and MBA degrees respectively. As a United States Marine he attained the rank of Captain and served in Vietnam. He left the service to enter business, where he worked primarily in banking and real estate development. After several years in Pittsburgh, he eventually relocated to Houston, where he founded his own firm. His extensive business background provides a strong platform and fertile resource in support of his writing endeavors. His literary works include “The Nelson Trilogy” consisting of the published “The Pact with the Devil”, a novel pitting a head-strong Texas businessman against a vicious Mexican drug lord, and sequel novels, “The Master of Deceit”, to be released in the summer of 2017, and a third saga which is in process. His two published non-fiction works: “The Perfect Pro Football Coach”, deals with NFL head coaching, and “Beatles, Books, and Bombs, and Beyond”, a bittersweet self-account of life as an ROTC student on an ultra-liberal Ivy League campus in the turbulent 1960’s and a tribute to fallen USMC Vietnam comrades. He has written articles on sports for periodicals and won first place in the Houston Writers House and Texas Authors, Inc. short story contests. His website is . A New Englander by birth and jarhead by choice, Mr. DeLuca left Boston before the Patriots stopped being a joke. He has raised a family of four sons, and resides with his awesome wife, grandchild-of-the-week, and alter ego, bullmastiff Stanley in Friendswood, Texas.