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    Recently divorced and his writing career in shambles, Simon Burchwood's life is a complete disaster. He reluctantly finds work as a computer support technician and resigns that his career as the next great American novelist will never come to fruition. When he learns that his ex-wife abruptly moves to Dallas with his children, he embarks on a crazy road trip with a nerdy coworker and a hitchhiking punk rock girl and discovers the inspiration he desperately needs for his new literary masterpiece. Take another trip with the one and only Simon Burchwood.

    From Kindle bestselling writer and cartoonist Scott Semegran, The Spectacular Simon Burchwood is for fans of literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dose of dark humor. This is the second book in the Simon Adventures Series which includes The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood, The Spectacular Simon Burchwood, and Sammie & Budgie.

    "Simon is starting to understand something, and his luck literally changes. Semegran handles this quite deftly. We see the progress he is making in getting a grasp of what life is about." -- The New Podler Review of Books

    What Reviewers Are Saying About Simon Burchwood:

    "Simon is such a character that I couldn't wait to find what he did next." -- Great Books Under $5 (5 Stars)

    "It's pretty fun to be inside his head." -- Red Adept Reviews (4.5 Stars)

    "Simon Burchwood Is A Genius, It's True!" -- Bitsy Bling Books (4 Stars)

    "Cracked me up!" -- Ashton the Book Blogger (4 Stars)

    About the Author

    Scott Semegran lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, four kids, two cats, and a dog. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English. He is a writer and a cartoonist. He can also bend metal with his mind and run really fast, if chased by a pack of wolves. His comic strips have appeared in the following newspapers: The Austin Student, The Funny Times, The Austin American-Statesman, Rocky Mountain Bullhorn, Seven Days, The University of Texas at Dallas Mercury, and The North Austin Bee. Books by Scott Semegran include Sammie & Budgie, Boys, The Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood, The Spectacular Simon Burchwood, Modicum, Mr. Grieves and more. He is a Kindle bestselling author.