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    In this debut book of poetry by John Alexander, the lilting verses offer inspiration to soothe your weary soul. The poems, born out of a journey through rough times, reach into your soul with rhymes that speak to your heart.

    The poems, all in rhyme, share the author's journey, including stories to enjoy through the lens of your inner child (keep these for yourself or share with the children in your life), rhymes of blessing, and rhymes that shine into the soul of the author.

    A rhyme rose within me,

    it caused me to smile.

    It focused my thoughts,

    I escaped for a while.


    Regarding the rhyme Donkey Tale, included in Timeless Tales:"Jesus told parables to illustrate what wouldn't make sense or find acceptance in outright terms. His creativity in communicating is a great model. John has crafted a "tale" that follows the method of the Master. Through ingenuity and clever twists of phrase, he introduces us to creatures who invite us to cast our burdens on the only One who can really bear them."--Wayne Stiles, author of Waiting on God