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    In this award-winning book, the reader learns how our nation and world have become a pressure-cooker of unhealed
    trauma. People with post-traumatic stress re-create their trauma with others, such as our children. Then they avoid addressing the cause of the ensuing effects. This book offers fresh information about recognizing trauma and the traumatized. With this awareness, readers can withdraw their participation in this passing on of pain. They can make other
    choices, such as helping themselves and their kids discover their own unique path back to health and wholeness. This book points the way!

    The authors share their experiences with the many facets of trauma and their far-reaching effects. Their complementary voices form an unassailable case for the unseen toll trauma is taking on all of us and all we hold dear. Their compelling message urges us to join together to create ever-larger islands of safety so that the wounded children within us can emerge and finally–and fully–heal.