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    2019 Best Picture Book at the North Texas Book Festival

    Beginning in the old book store and mounting in tension to the end in the child's room in the wee hours of the morning, the love of words, ideas, and sharing what's inside come alive through the intrigue of this 498-word tale, Words That Soar. A child wants to find an interesting read, but a book presented by an old bookstore owner brings more than expected late that night. The child remembers three special rules from the bookstore owner to make sense of what's encountered upon opening the book and experiencing the powerful impact of words.



    Readers' Favorite Review Rating: 5 Stars"The concept is wonderful and I like the way the author has executed it; unique and refreshingly different."
    "an excellent book for classroom read aloud sessions as it helps children see the importance of expressing themselves in an engaging way."
    "It is a good book for parents too when it comes to giving their children the freedom to express their thoughts and feelings."

    About the Author

    John Alexander lives in Frisco, TX with his beautiful wife and Charlie Brown his Cavalier. During the last five years of his career in the high-tech industry John discovered his love for writing. He now spends full time pursuing that passion. His first novel, THE ENCLAVE, draws upon his background in telecommunications and software development to weave a story of mystery and suspense. The chapter books in the Amber-Autumn Mystery series celebrate not only his grandchildren but children everywhere. They will lead the future. His release of Timeless Tales: Rhymes from the Heart highlights his lyrical ability. His debut picture book, Words That Soar, spins the tale to inspire in children a lifelong fascination with books.